Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Ok, I am getting older. Actually have a birthday coming up, but I still can't believe I am old enough to be affected by arthritis. I also worry about it.

I had trigger finger release surgery several years ago and the Doctor told me that with my family history of rheumatoid arthritis that the fact that I was having to have trigger release surgery so young might be a sign of the gene in me.  He offered me to take medication Celebrex from here on out to help with discomforts caused by debilitating arthritis.  I was too young then and still too young to take a medication like this daily for the rest of my life because it will damage my liver and the pain that I feel is not intolerable at this point.    So I opted to not take the medication.

Today is the first day that I have ever sat and just held my hands and rubbed my hands due to discomfort in the joints.  They ached tremendously. I took advil and the pain subsided several hours later.

I have fear in me because my grandmother was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis, she couldn't move her fingers, both hands were mangled up and she couldn't even hold a glass, spoon, or fork.  I fear this being me one day.  I am trying to get fit, active and keep moving to keep from "locking up".  But the problem is that my pain is real and worsening at such an early age that I am extremely concerned.

I am going to stay positive and keep up with an active lifestyle and be grateful for all the things I am capable of doing and just enjoy life.  Hopefully I will kick old Arthur's butt and he decided he doesn't want to live here! :)


  1. That sucks... I recommend reading the book Wheat Belly. I hate to be "that person" who thinks others should consider making a choice I've made, but the book really does have some good information that might help you with arthritis.

    1. Awesome Brigitte! I will look into that book, thanks for the advise. :)