Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Well I got sick on Saturday (the day of the PINK concert)... I woke up Sunday feeling worse, Monday even worse and Tuesday went to the doctor. Got two shots (Steroid and antibiotic) and a Zpack to take they sadi I had bronchitis and sinus infection.  I took those pills religiously and every day continued to feel worse and worse. I finally started feeling better on Saturday but still had a horrible bout of dizziness/nausea for some reason, it was pretty horrific.

I missed a funeral I wanted to go to, and many hours of work during the week.

The cough is lingering and I have a feeling it will continue to linger for weeks because it just feels that way.

I finally do feel better with less of those dizzy/nausea spells.

But now, my son has the FLU... we had the same symptoms but he has the flu? Probably what I had too, it would explain why the medicine didn't help and I continued to feel HORRIBLE! I hate that my little guy is sick and hope this horrible crap leaves my home soon!!!

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