Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Senior Photos = RAPE!

OMG!!! I got my daughters portraits back and the cheapest package of only 1 pose is $170.... There isn't enough paper in that package to make me pay $170.  I may simply by one photo to frame so we can prove she graduated? haha No actually her Diploma will prove that.  She is going to be in the yearbook which was $75 bucks!!!

OMG!!! I just can't believe how violated it makes me feel that they have such gorgeous photos of my daughter and they want to charge $50 a sheet basically!


Yeah, I really want some of them, YES I DO! But, Destiny and I both knew with her upcoming New York Trip that I couldn't possibly by the pictures they were going to be taking, but we needed them taken for her picture to be in the yearbook.  She is ok with not buying them because she doesn't really like but 2 or 3 but those 2 or 3 I WANT TO BUY!  Maybe I can buy them later, not sure how long the studio will allow for us to by them?

I think we will go on a photo shoot here soon, especially since the weather is getting nicer and see if we can't take our own AWESOME photos.

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