Tuesday, March 5, 2013


One of my best childhood friends lost her dear sweet mother. This lady has to be one of the strongest people I know. She had a laugh that was absolutely contagious.  She had such a quick wit sense of humor and was always so stylish.  When I was younger I use to want to be my friend because her mom was so cool and I always envied their relationship.  She was a strong woman who battled breast cancer and WON! She was a fighter.  She spoke what was on her mind.  She was an excellent Nurse.  I knew her strength and saw it in her as a child, when I grew up and had children of my own. I got the pleasure of hooking back up with my long lost friend and her mom and I was amazed to hear of Martha's triumphs. I wasn't around when she had cancer. I wasn't around when she was putting herself through Nursing school and I was amazed at what all she had accomplished in my absence.  I have to say that I haven't been that close to them even after our re connection  and I regret that so very much.  Our lives are different and take us on different paths but they will forever be very special to me.

My heartbreaks for my friend Ronda and her family as I know they the heartache that they feel has to be great, its hard to lose anyone you love but such a strong important person of their family as their Mother, and "Sweetie" to her grandchildren.  It is honestly a horrible loss for anyone who knew her.  She is probably lighting up the heavens with that laughter of hers.  I am hoping my friend feels love and compassion through her loss and that she knows she has the strength of her Mother.  She is like her in so many ways.  I am so sorry for this loss and so grateful that I got to pleasure of knowing such an amazing woman who has always inspired me.  Rest in peace "Sweetie" We love you.

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