Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Shoes

I finally got a new pair of shoes. I was having a hard time spending $100-150 on a pair of shoes, but my feet really like that price of shoe for some reason.

I went to the new Kohl's just to look around and they had a shoe that I liked a lot from last year for 40% off.    They were regularly $120+ dollars but now that they are an older model and on sale I got them for $73.99 + tax.  I got some new socks as well and all together it was right at $100 but I feel I got an awesome pair of shoes for a value.

I was in desperate need of new shoes, so I am very thankful that despite being broke I managed to get a pair of shoes! :)

I apologize for the blinding white legs lol

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Job

I took a new job back in August.  I absolutely love my job.  It is super easy and not really challenging unless I want it to be, and its 3 miles from my house.  There is no over time and no early clinics and the stresses I have had in the last 5 or 6 positions I have held are simply not there!  The pay is not BAD it really isn't that bad at all... but after the benefits and everything I actually bring home $185 bucks less each payday that is $370 a month.  That didn't hurt immediately but as time has gone by that pay difference has REALLY HURT!

Now, I feel like I am happier, healthier and overall just in a better mindset with this new job so I honestly feel it is worth the cut and I still feel I made the right decision.  I was spending a lot more money on gas at the other job but not $370 bucks more lol.

We have a few added monthly expenses too as I joined a gym and now we have a new home security system that is going to set us back... so its all getting a bit more stressful than I ever intended.

Now the question is do I try to get a part time job to offset this and live more comfortable? But, it may hurt my family time, exercise time/training time, house cleaning time.... but I might financially be able to breath better. Or do I ride this out, wait and see... because in a few months one of my bigger bills will be paid off $200... then maybe with that something else could be paid off?  I mean we are making it, bills are all paid, we have food to eat... thankfully we are making it!!!! But, the extra stuff... the fun stuff, the races, the Senior year stuff for my daughter, the sports for my son all the EXTRA stuff is really damn near impossible at this time.

Maybe I should go after the kiddos Dad's who don't pay support?  That would solve all of my issues, right! But, I have been there and done that and Alabama doesn't enforce the laws so it doesn't matter really, it would be a waste of time to fight for it again... so, all I can do is keep doing what I know to do and that is the best that I can.

As you can tell some of me regrets my decision because of the strain it is causing us financially but most of me doesn't because I only have one life to live and I deserve not to be miserable at the place I spend 40 hours of week.  I haven't "dreaded" going to work one day since I started this job and I have already been there over 6 months.  I doubt I ever get a big raise at this place as I am already on the higher end of the pay scale there.

All I can do is the best I can do, if I need a second job I will find one, if we can continue to get by then we will just keep on keeping on and life is good for me with or without those extra things.  I am thankful to have a wonderful man, two absolutely awesome kids, a job that I don't hate, a  nice home, a nice vehicle, a gym membership and many many nice things and activities to participate in that don't cost ANYTHING!!! I am so absolutely blessed!!!!!!

Dirty Girl Mud Run

What a mess this was, and I never even got muddy!!!!

I signed up back in November 2012 for a Dirty Girl Mud Run that was to be held in Birmingham.  It was a group thing. Some of my High School Friends were signing up and I joined in.  We were the Mud Bunnies.

A few weeks before the actual race which was scheduled for March 9th, They finally posted the location of the race.  All we knew up until this point was that it was in Birmingham.

The race was NOT in Birmingham!!!! They posted Talladega Super Speedway as the location.  That is an hour drive from Birmingham! Which means it is 2 to 2.5 hour drive from me.  I wouldn't have minded AS much if I didn't have my daughter's All-State Concert in Birmingham that same day!  I wasn't worried about the concert as it was at 1 pm  and the mud run we signed up for was at 8 am and my Mom and Dad both live in B'ham so I could have easily showered at one of their houses (whichever was closest to the venues) and made it to the concert fine.  But, it being in freaking TALLADEGA and not B'ham made this task much more complicated and I decided it being my daughter's last All-State that I absolutely could NOT miss it, and I wouldn't have a good time at the race worrying about the drive time and such so I said there was no way I could pull both events off.

I was pretty pissed because Dirty Girl Folks said I couldn't get a refund even though they had falsely listed the city in which the even was to be held. I paid 65 back in November to do this race and I didn't want my money to go to waste.  They said I could transfer to another race.  So after a lot of thought I decided to move my race to the next week (St' Patrick's Day weekend) in Memphis.  They charged me $20 more dollars for this because now signing up for a race 3 weeks until the date the fee is higher, so it doesn't matter that I originally signed up back in November and due to their poor organization making me change my race I still had to spend more money!

I thought since the mud run was in Memphis now and we are driving longer, but thankfully no other plans to interfere with the weekend why not get a room and stay the night in Memphis.  I made my race time for 11 am so I wouldn't be rushed getting down there that morning and Thomas and I could enjoy a night on Beale Street for the St. Patty's Day celebration there.  So I booked us a room $150 more dollars.

It was to be a marvelous weekend with my man full of travel, drinks, mud, and fun.  I had been looking forward to it since I signed up and I looked past the mishap that Dirty Girl had caused me.

Friday March 15th, I got a call from work that someone had broken into my house... luckily they didn't steal anything because my son was home sick with the flu, and he scared them.  And very thankfully he was not injured!  But, having this happen and feeling as if those thugs were going to come back, I couldn't leave my home empty to go out of town for fun knowing that I could be robbed blind while I was away so I wound up staying for ADT to come and install a system, which they worked fast and got here at 8am on Saturday morning.  But, we didn't go to Memphis.

Sooooooooooo I still lost my money for the race and now can't even transfer it to another one because it was 24 hours before race day they will not allow another transfer.  So I lost 80 bucks on that race.  Good note? The hotel was nice enough to refund my $150 for the room even though it was less than 24 hours until my check in, they understood my situation and refunded me!  On another note though we spend $550 dollars that we didn't intend on spending on home security this weekend.  But the piece of mind is worth it, and it was a lot less than if they stole our valuables from our home.

So, The mud Run was a no go for me.  I don't think I will ever get to do an obstacle course because they are so expensive and it took me forever to finally sign up for one because I don't want to pay that much money and participate in it ALONE.  I wanted to do it with a group, I almost had to do this one alone and that was the only thing that I wasn't looking forward to. I think these obstacle courses are going to be much more fun with a group of friends who you love and enjoy the laughs along the way.  Maybe the Warrior Dash sometime? But with the pay cut I have taken this year I really doubt that I will be spending that kind of money to do a for fun obstacle course... because I have duathlons and triathlons I would like to do and I already don't know how I will pay for them.  One day at a time! But it still ERKS me that I lost 80 bucks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Well I got sick on Saturday (the day of the PINK concert)... I woke up Sunday feeling worse, Monday even worse and Tuesday went to the doctor. Got two shots (Steroid and antibiotic) and a Zpack to take they sadi I had bronchitis and sinus infection.  I took those pills religiously and every day continued to feel worse and worse. I finally started feeling better on Saturday but still had a horrible bout of dizziness/nausea for some reason, it was pretty horrific.

I missed a funeral I wanted to go to, and many hours of work during the week.

The cough is lingering and I have a feeling it will continue to linger for weeks because it just feels that way.

I finally do feel better with less of those dizzy/nausea spells.

But now, my son has the FLU... we had the same symptoms but he has the flu? Probably what I had too, it would explain why the medicine didn't help and I continued to feel HORRIBLE! I hate that my little guy is sick and hope this horrible crap leaves my home soon!!!

Senior Photos = RAPE!

OMG!!! I got my daughters portraits back and the cheapest package of only 1 pose is $170.... There isn't enough paper in that package to make me pay $170.  I may simply by one photo to frame so we can prove she graduated? haha No actually her Diploma will prove that.  She is going to be in the yearbook which was $75 bucks!!!

OMG!!! I just can't believe how violated it makes me feel that they have such gorgeous photos of my daughter and they want to charge $50 a sheet basically!


Yeah, I really want some of them, YES I DO! But, Destiny and I both knew with her upcoming New York Trip that I couldn't possibly by the pictures they were going to be taking, but we needed them taken for her picture to be in the yearbook.  She is ok with not buying them because she doesn't really like but 2 or 3 but those 2 or 3 I WANT TO BUY!  Maybe I can buy them later, not sure how long the studio will allow for us to by them?

I think we will go on a photo shoot here soon, especially since the weather is getting nicer and see if we can't take our own AWESOME photos.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

All-State Chorus Concert

Well this year is my baby girls very last All-State Chorus Concert.  She has been in this concert for 6 years.  Every year she could have audition she did, and every year she was selected.  Her voice is angelic and I am so proud of her for her accomplishments in her music.

I will miss this, even though its not my favorite style of music it is always awesome to see my baby perform!  I know this is not her last performance as she will be in a chorus in College and who knows maybe even other awesome things. :)

My Mom and Dad both made it the concert and her brother suffered through it another year.  Here are some of the pics.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


One of my best childhood friends lost her dear sweet mother. This lady has to be one of the strongest people I know. She had a laugh that was absolutely contagious.  She had such a quick wit sense of humor and was always so stylish.  When I was younger I use to want to be my friend because her mom was so cool and I always envied their relationship.  She was a strong woman who battled breast cancer and WON! She was a fighter.  She spoke what was on her mind.  She was an excellent Nurse.  I knew her strength and saw it in her as a child, when I grew up and had children of my own. I got the pleasure of hooking back up with my long lost friend and her mom and I was amazed to hear of Martha's triumphs. I wasn't around when she had cancer. I wasn't around when she was putting herself through Nursing school and I was amazed at what all she had accomplished in my absence.  I have to say that I haven't been that close to them even after our re connection  and I regret that so very much.  Our lives are different and take us on different paths but they will forever be very special to me.

My heartbreaks for my friend Ronda and her family as I know they the heartache that they feel has to be great, its hard to lose anyone you love but such a strong important person of their family as their Mother, and "Sweetie" to her grandchildren.  It is honestly a horrible loss for anyone who knew her.  She is probably lighting up the heavens with that laughter of hers.  I am hoping my friend feels love and compassion through her loss and that she knows she has the strength of her Mother.  She is like her in so many ways.  I am so sorry for this loss and so grateful that I got to pleasure of knowing such an amazing woman who has always inspired me.  Rest in peace "Sweetie" We love you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Concert


She is everything I thought she would be on that stage and more.  I wish everyone could see her!

I took some awesome videos of her acrobats and will cherish them always!!!

(Thomas had been sick all week, I got sick on Saturday, it snowed all day but despite all of this we still had a n absolute blast)

Here are a few pics from the trip!