Thursday, February 14, 2013


I have a wonderful Valentine's and have had my special sweet Valentine for 10 years.  He always surprises me with sweet things on this special day so show me just how much he loves me! :)

Material thing really don't matter much to me, but knowing he plans ahead, cares about me enough and even saves up the money to spoil me on my special day does mean a lot.  I will love him just as much without all the fuss he makes over me, but while I get it... I will relish in it! 

We went to Fulin's for dinner. One of my favorite places.  I pigged out too. I had a spicy chicken dish which was AMAZING (Chicken Garlic something or other) and a sushi roll (Tiger Roll).  I also devoured a bottle of wine all but about a 4 oz that Thomas might have had haha.

It really was a remarkable evening with the man I loved. We came home after shopping around a bit and watched Bridge Jones Diary on the big screen... one of my favorite movies.

I hope everyone found a bit love on this day. Happy Valentine's Day

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