Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have posted before how I wanted to learn to groom my dogs because it cost too much money to go and have them groomed.  With two high maintenance furry babies it can run me $100 or more every 6-8 weeks just for grooming not counting their flea preventatives and their food, treats, toys lol they are just like children I SWEAR!

But, I have been practicing a lot over the last few months and it hasn't been a pretty site every time, but I think I am getting much better at this grooming.

Clipping their claws still requires a bit of work, but I have most everything else down pat I think.  It still doesn't look "professional" but its not bad considering it cost me $0.00 and only about 2-3 hours of a weekday for both dogs to get groomed.

Here is my finished product this time:
This is Reuben he is my Yorkie

This is Cooper my Maltese

Here they both are with their sweaters on and with my beautiful daughter.

Not professional lol but decent.  Cooper (the Maltese) has issues with his ears, this is after some pretty serious matting happened behind his ears back when I first got him, and I literally cut his hair on his ears off, to try to fix him, but they are growing out (slowly) and I honestly haven't touched them the last three times I have groomed him trying to let them grow back out! lol Poor baby.  He can't tell a thing though, he loves having a bath and getting all of this attention! :)

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