Thursday, February 21, 2013

Elvis Lives

It's date night! I love DATE NIGHTS!
Thomas scored free tickets to go see Elvis Lives

I was never a HUGE Elvis fan, but Thomas has always been. I remember the Elvis that was portrayed to me at a young age that was from a made for TV movie that showed him as not the best guy to be around, my memory may be wrong, but its how I knew him, a strung out pop star who let him self go and died.

Thomas opened my eyes to a different man.  ELVIS was a remarkable person, very caring and giving.  Very handsome, funny, smart, and extremely talented.  My mind was closed to ELVIS because I was merely one year old when he died and I only knew what that movie I saw at some age told me about him.  I have since watched specials about Elvis, many of his "cheesy" films and some that were really pretty good, I have been to Graceland and cried like a baby there.  I really honestly love his music, the mark he made in music, and feel that more people should get to know the Elvis that I have been introduced to... because having not been around when he was, I honestly didn't have a good concept of things, until I was introduced to them.  

Back to our date night, we were rushed for dinner but still managed to have a marvelous meal at Ruby Tuesdays before the show.  I had a lobster tail and petite steak, salad, and grilled asparagus that was absolutely delicious! We made it to the show right on time.  The show consisted of 4 Elvi (is that how you make it plural? Haha) one that was his younger years who was AMAZING!!!! He had all Elvis' moves down to a T and I am telling you he was talented.  Then there were his years after he was in the military, then there were his tight leather years and then his jumpsuit years.  All Four impersonators were wonderful but the 1st and last stood out the most to me. They did a really good job with this production and if you like Elvis, and love Broadway Theatre League, you should check it out if you can.

Another awesome thing was seeing a nearly 80 year old lady hoot n holler for Elvis on stage, it MADE MY NIGHT and made my heart smile that she was out there having such a wonderful time and probably reminiscing some.

Great night was had by all! :)

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