Thursday, January 10, 2013

Movie reviews

Les Miserables  I went to see this movie with Carrie and came equiped with a box of tissues.  We saw it at the Monaco Prive theater and it was absolutely wonderful! I cried and sobbed through the entire film.  I was new to this story having never seen any of the previous films/plays and didn't even really know what the story was about, but it was a very touching/moving film.  Hugh Jackman should get every award there is for the role he played, amazing!

Django Unchained  I saw this at Carmike in Decatur with Thomas on a date night.  This movie is awesome as most of Quentin Tarantino's films are, he didn't let me down.  I loved Jamie Foxx in this role, couldn't have had a better guy for the role. The blood/gore is obscene but again just what I would expect from one of his films.  The story is touching, and Dr. King Shultz has to be one of my favorite characters as he has a heart and can't stand for the ignorant ways of the slave owners a  man of my own heart.  There is comic relief throughout the film but it is depicting a story that is not the least funny and it will touch many hearts. I hear it is controversial because of the use of the N word, but in the time it has taken place that word was used by many so it would be fake to try to say it wasn't used in that time. Movies like this make me ashamed to be white. I don't know if my ancestors owned slaves, because they damn sure didn't leave me any money if they did, but the thought of people of my race treating others in the manner that just make me want to hide under a table. The movie is a must see in my opinion. I totally enjoyed.

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