Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark and dreary

This weather is depression weather.  Dark and dreary.  I have been slacking on everything but housework this week.  The weather is just not cooperative with me right now, its cold, dark and hard to even stop by the gym on the way home.  Blah.

On another blah note, my car broke down on me Friday which was 5 days ago and it still isn't fixed, nor do I even know what the problem is.  It has been a headache, and I am pretty frustated with not knowing the issue or how much it might cost me. Blah.

My kids are not really helping me around the house, actually no one is helping so while I have been going to the gym several nights a week and finding things fun do to on weekends and not actually cleaning... the house has went to shit.  I spent all day Sunday and most every evening this week washing clothes/cleaning up just to get the top layer of the house partially clean. I will spend another two weeks probably getting it up to par, while no one really steps up and helps.  The garbage didn't even go out for 3 weeks to the road... I am seriou when I say I am not getting much help around there. I have decided that I am woman (hear me roar), society says it is my place to clean the damn house regardless if I work full time and try to fit in a healthy lifestyle and get some extra pounds off... I guess it means that I have to do the damn cleaning.  So I am trying to buckle in and buy groceries and cook and clean and get it all together but this week with the weather and my house work there is no energy in going to the gym. BLAH!!!!

Movies: We saw "Perks of being a wallflower" at the dollar movie in HSV and it was as awesome as I thought it would be. It's a coming of age movie and I read the book several years ago and just knew they would make a great movie.... years later here it is. I also enjoyed the $1 theater it was clean and actually very fun for the money. :) 

Ok... I need to pick myself up and dust off... its been a bad few days with the weather, finances, damn car, and house work.... I am blessed and life is good... it's as good as I make it.  I have a weight lose goal to meet and its time to quit fretting over the last few days and look ahead!

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