Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time machine

I don't care to travel in time, well I guess it would be cool if it were possible... but the type of time machine I want is where I could stop and put a few more hours here or there into any given day.  I mean some days I wish were longer but I don't want to be at work longer.  I don't want to be doing chores or even watching T.V. longer.  I really want a little longer to some days for more me time! I am taking me time for my exercise/gym... but not taking me time when it comes to my photos (which I love photography and organizing my photos and making things with pictures), my blog (because I want to have this thing as a good recollection of important events in my adult life, my children's life, my accomplishments and failures), my new End the Fluff page (because I want this to be an excellent recollection of my journey for the next year and if I don't make time for it it will only be bits and pieces which is how I usually keep up with my blog), reading (I love my kindle and have so many books over the last few years that I have been meaning/wanting to read that I really should make the time to do so) my nails (I mean my nails haven't had any attention in so long I don't even know if I remember how to paint them, my nail polish is all dried up, and well I want to feel like a woman and have fancy nails... not long ones, just fancy ones), my legs (yep they always seem to need to be shaved) yes, time for all of these things.

I seem to sit on the computer every night but its more out of habit than determination to get something accomplished.  I mean the lap top sits next to me on the couch in the living room. Thomas and I will watch T.V. and browse the web.  I usually read a little about current events, stare at Facebook for way longer than I should and find myself wondering why I sat there on Facebook as long as I did most every night. Nothing new is really happening, non of the people I love are doing anything.  I mean I could simple scroll down see what's happened, and be done with it, but I don't. I look at this person's pictures and comment on this one's posts and then make my own and before I know it I have wasted an hour on that damn Facebook.  Not that I see a thing wrong with it, its that I have too many interesting things on there. I have "liked" so many running, fitness, nutrition pages and all of those pages have new posts to go and read on and I learn a lot from those things but really don't have to stare at them as long as I do.  I just need to manage my time better.  The time I give to my laptop and sitting on my ass should be a bit more valuable and used much wiser.

I have 6 months worth of photos to load up to my flickr acct before the new year as well as 25 videos to to get off my new camcorder from Christmas.  I have so many ideas running around in my head that I can't figure out where to start.

I just need a time machine. If I had one I would start right now by allowing myself to take a two hour nap lol see too much to do!

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