Monday, December 3, 2012

Random photos

This is my cat Trixie, she is the BEST! She is always the softest , cleanest animal despite the fact that she lives outside.  She has to be the easiest pet to own.  I love her so much!

This is Reuben, he asked for the sucker long enough and Thomas gave it to him.

Not sure where we were going but its a photo where Thomas doesn't look half asleep so its a keep even if it's not that good.

This is my mom's dog rufus.

This is reason number 1 that I have a weight issue

This is reason number 2

This was just a pick of me..before we were heading to Nashville to see the who

This is our boots... lol Mine are on the left and they are new! I got them for my 10 year anniversary from my man! :) I love them

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