Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am proud to have had the opportunity to exercise my right to vote.  I proudly voted for OBAMA!  He is my go to man for several reasons.

1.  I am definitely for healthcare reform and he has been the first guy to tackle it and begin the process for change.
2.  I am for Gay marriage and could never vote for someone who does not agree with me on this!
3.  I am proud to see the war in Iraq end and look forward to seeing our troops in Afghanistan come home soon.
4.  I am glad he got Bin Laden.
5.  I am against the rich getting richer while the poor can barely feed their family.  Hard working people are suffering every day in our wonderful country while the rich continue to spend money on diamond in-crested boats.
6.  I generally like Obama.  I didn't at first, I admit that I was on Hilary's band wagon 4 years ago... I was heartbroken and really didn't like Obama then.... but he has shown to be a very strong leader.  Someone who is very personal and actually appears to be human unlike most politicians.  I really love to hear him speak. He is a very admirable President.
7.  I love Michelle, The First Lady. Actually the best First Lady of my time HANDS DOWN! She is an excellent role model for our young people and she is very intelligent yet still gorgeous! :)
8.  The President is working to progress our nation toward clean energy.
9.  Even though he inherited a huge deficit or an economic crisis he has managed to still create jobs and try to dig us out of the whole we have been in.  I would like to give him 4 more years to see what progress he can make as the last 4 was clearly just cleaning up someone else's mess.
10. He is the best candidate!

Just a quick jot down of 10 BIG reasons why I voted for him today.  Now I sit and wait and watch the outcome of this election.  All I can say is "Please don't let Romney win".

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