Saturday, November 17, 2012

She sings

I don't know if I have ever mentioned here how much my daughter loves to sing.  It was love she developed at a very young age. She use to sing at the sweet little age of 2.  She sang in the car, to her stuffed animals, and while watching Barney her favorite TV show at the age.  She continued her love her music and singing, sometimes to the point of driving me crazy because she always had a song in her mind and we could be watching a movie and she would be sitting right next to me humming a song and most of the time didn't even realize she was doing it.  This child LOVES to sing!

She started her 4th grade year in Show Choir and then proceeded to Chorus in her 6th grade year and has been in Chorus every year since.  She has auditioned for All-State and has went every single year she auditioned.  She auditioned for Chamber Choir which is the elite choir  at her school and she has been it every year she was eligible. She does women's choir and chamber choir both.  She is part of All-City every year since 5th grade.  She has sang the National Anthem at events such as cross country and roller derby.  All of that being said the child loves Choral music and the Music dept at her school.  She loves her Instructor (Dr. Davis) and with the love of music she has she has decided to have a major in music. I have tried for the last year to convince her to do a minor in music and major in something else.  She is an IB student one who is smart enough to maintain a 100 average in classes such as calculus and well she is bright enough to be anything she wants and be financially stable as an adult. She has steadily said she wants Music to be her major.

Well, I was sitting in the church where they hold All-City every year and had the realization that this was my last All-City as this is her Senior year and tears immediately filled my eyes and my heart was feeling a bit heavy.  I wasn't going to go to this because I had planned a workout and she has done it many times and she is a Senior and doesn't necessarily HAVE to have me at some of these things.... but she text me when I was on my home from work "can you come tonight?" I didn't hesitate from that text to go because hey! This was my teenage daughter who was asking me to come to her event.. Heck yeah I will go! :)  I am every so glad I did too.

I captured this video that has forever stole my heart and has helped me accept the decision of her majoring in music that she has made... she LOVES this stuff.

The video played back on my camera wonderfully... but once I uploaded here it is not very clear and really looks like crap.  I am hoping you can still see the sure joy my daughter has for this.... it's a must see in my opinion.  What I want you to see starts at about 0:27 and continues so it isn't long...also, she is in the middle most of the time with long brown hair and a gorgeous smile.

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