Monday, November 26, 2012

Desmond- Who Am I

I had to write a letter to Desmond for his project... it's a year long project he does.  His sister did one too.  This is my letter to him:

Dear Desmond,
It is amazing how fast you have grown.  You are maturing into such a handsome young man.  I am extremely proud of you.  I was thinking of how you will be going into High School soon, and it blows my mind that my baby boy is big enough for that, but you have grown very big and will already fit in with your height.  I know you will do fine in the years to come because I have seen you face your fears and even make mistakes and already you show some maturity in those actions.  For example I remember when you go the nickname “Tarzan”.  We were at our Family Fish Fry and there were small kids swinging from a rope into the river water just over a barrier wall.  All the kids were having so much fun that you decided you would try it.  This action surprised me as you normally don’t like to try things like this because you have a fear of heights , but to my surprise you were already on the rope before I even made it down there to watch or video it.  I remember vividly that I was going to meet you and watch this experience with you and on my way there I was stopped in my tracks because you were off.  You didn’t need your Mom there, you were a big boy and you were off on the rope swinging.  Unfortunately the right calculations were not made as the children that were swinging were very small and you were very big.  All of the sudden I see you swing right into that barrier wall.  It was a big experience for you as you lay there in the water with a broken arm and other minor injuries you were so big and brave.  You never once cried.  We got you out of the water and assessed your injuries.  You had experienced your first broken bone (arm).   This was the moment that I knew you were growing up, you faced a fear and tried something new and when things went bad you kept your cool and were very brave.  This is how someone mature would handle things.   I know you will be faced with many experiences over the next few years and because being a teenager is hard trying to make the right decisions I have confidence in you that you will do just fine.   I just want you to stay focused on your school work as it is very important and be serious when it is time to be serious.  You are going to be a fine young man and I look forward to watching you continue to mature and grow into a man.  I love you and I am very proud to call you my son!


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