Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back into the swing of things

I took a few days off after the half marathon from running and well just everything.  My legs were demanding that time off as they were so sore I could barely walk.  This was my fault.  After all that running I didn't stretch! I am an idiot I know!  My foot was hurting so bad (you know where I said something happened at about mile 10 with the arch).  I just wanted to get my medal/shirt and get home! Go sit down! The walk to the car was pretty grueling alone, I needed to sit down.  So I did. And we drove all the way home to Decatur.  I then proceeded to shower and sit on my butt the rest of the day.  Which of course led to intense muscle soreness the next day. Lessons learned AGAIN, I am so stubborn I have to learn lessons numerous times before they really sink in, must be where my kids get it from.

That being said, I needed to run yesterday as it was my scheduled my running day and the calories I have consumed over the last three days are ridiculous especially with no exercise to counter act them.  I thought all day at work about how I would come home and exercise.  The problem was once I got off work and drove home the sun was already starting to go down and I hadn't even changed to my running clothes.  I walked in the house and knew I had to cook dinner, then walked in the kitchen and seen it was left in a mess.  I TOLD YOU DID NOTHING FOR 3 DAYS so you can only imagine! My kids had done a little pick up here and there and a little dish wash here and there and maybe a little of their own laundry here and there. (The laundy erks me!  They wash their own clothes when I am behind on laundry, but they put whatever someone else might have started on top of the dryer just thrown up there, the clothes go from in the hamper to strolled all over the place because they drop and sock and LEAVE IT THERE!! I would rather they all just stay out of it since they make such a mess of it, but sometimes Mom needs a break from that sort of thing too).  Anyway, needless to say I started laundry and cleaned up the laundry area, cleaned the kitchen, started dinner, worked my way into the bedroom where I had an embarrassing mess of laundry that needed to be hung up that was actually getting tramped on because my room is too small for a heap of laundry to sit on the floor.  I finally got all that sorted and hung, well most of it besides the fact that I ran out of hangers near the end... we run out of hangers more than any family should.  I buy the inexpensive plastic hangers and I think this is why we go through them they break and get thrown away and then before long I don't have enough. Where was I? Oh yes, workout/run yesterday did not happen.  I am sorta ashamed at myself before I have less than 6 weeks to train to for this next half marathon and I am determined to do it faster than the last and I will not be able to do this without TRAINING. Plus I eat too much to not exercise!

So I thought about getting this morning and getting it over with but the thought of getting up that early in the cold only lasted a second.  So now I have to go for a run in the dark when I get home from work tonight.  I AM GOING TO GO!  I am not going to worry about the house or dinner or anything until I knock out this workout.  I also want to do a Jillian dvd those help me tremendously and burn more calories! :) I plan to run 3 miles tonight and run again on Friday 5 miles and Sunday 8-10 miles.  I am going to gradually work back up to Sundays being a long day.  My normal run days are Tues. Thurs. Sunday and sometimes a Friday added in there... but I MISSED YESTERDAY, and SUNDAY because the race was on Saturday. Maybe that is why I feel like such a failure it has been so long since I ran.  I am happy that exercise is affecting me like this where I feel I NEED IT and I beat myself up when I don't do it.  Maybe I should get up in the morning when it is daylight and get my exercise over with... probably should actually lol Maybe I can make that a habit before long, but that would mean going to bed on time every night which I sorta suck at doing sometimes.

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