Friday, November 30, 2012

This tree

This picture doesn't really do it justice because it has already started to loose it's leaves and my phone has started taking really REALLY crappy pictures lately.... but this is my most favorite tree in all of Decatur.  I drive out of my way to drive past this tree almost daily.  I just have a connection with it I guess.  I felt it deserved a blog post of it's own! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bad love

My love of hot wings, french fries, celery and ranch dressing is very deep. I realize this when I simply can not turn down the opportunity to eat them!!!

I have been doing super duper with drinking water and eating breakfast... lunch can be good if eating at home, KFC, Wendy's or Subway I can do good most all of these places.  But, I can not do good eating Mexican or Hot wings and those are my very favorite!

I have exercised every day and feel good about this... just need to keep it up! :)

Now to eat better!  Tomorrow is a new day!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Ok I am back!
I did 8 miles with Jill on Sunday... I walked more than I ran by far.. had a horrible time out there but finished in 2 hours and well for me that half bad.  (I have to mention that Jill looks amazing! She has lost close to 50 lbs and is literally running circles around me now, it does nothing but motivate me lol.  I am proud of her accomplishments.  If she can do it then I can do it!)

Today I came home from work and did a Jillian Michaels' body revolution and started with the Brazil butt again.  I did some good calorie burn and used muscles that I don't usually use.

I am joining a challenge.  One that will have me doing a video EVERY DAY and drinking a liter (33.8 oz) of water first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything I must have consumed 1 liter of water.  I need this challenge because I rarely drink enough water.  This will ensure that I drink the normal amounts of liquid each day and it makes perfect sense to start your day with hydrating your body since the previous 8 hours or so you don't drink while you sleep.  I am going to start this tomorrow and I am joining the challenge so looks a like a video every day for me no matter how bad I feel or how busy my day is I HAVE to fit it in some way or some how.  I wish everyone taken on the challenge a great journey and look forward to my body changing!

On another note: I have less than 4 weeks now until my trip to PCB and my next half marathon.  This video day, water drinking and still training for the run will help me reach my goal I am sure of it!!!!

Desmond- Who Am I

I had to write a letter to Desmond for his project... it's a year long project he does.  His sister did one too.  This is my letter to him:

Dear Desmond,
It is amazing how fast you have grown.  You are maturing into such a handsome young man.  I am extremely proud of you.  I was thinking of how you will be going into High School soon, and it blows my mind that my baby boy is big enough for that, but you have grown very big and will already fit in with your height.  I know you will do fine in the years to come because I have seen you face your fears and even make mistakes and already you show some maturity in those actions.  For example I remember when you go the nickname “Tarzan”.  We were at our Family Fish Fry and there were small kids swinging from a rope into the river water just over a barrier wall.  All the kids were having so much fun that you decided you would try it.  This action surprised me as you normally don’t like to try things like this because you have a fear of heights , but to my surprise you were already on the rope before I even made it down there to watch or video it.  I remember vividly that I was going to meet you and watch this experience with you and on my way there I was stopped in my tracks because you were off.  You didn’t need your Mom there, you were a big boy and you were off on the rope swinging.  Unfortunately the right calculations were not made as the children that were swinging were very small and you were very big.  All of the sudden I see you swing right into that barrier wall.  It was a big experience for you as you lay there in the water with a broken arm and other minor injuries you were so big and brave.  You never once cried.  We got you out of the water and assessed your injuries.  You had experienced your first broken bone (arm).   This was the moment that I knew you were growing up, you faced a fear and tried something new and when things went bad you kept your cool and were very brave.  This is how someone mature would handle things.   I know you will be faced with many experiences over the next few years and because being a teenager is hard trying to make the right decisions I have confidence in you that you will do just fine.   I just want you to stay focused on your school work as it is very important and be serious when it is time to be serious.  You are going to be a fine young man and I look forward to watching you continue to mature and grow into a man.  I love you and I am very proud to call you my son!


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today is my 10 year Anniversary with my man.  He has been absolutely the best partner for me, I look forward to many more years! :)

Thanksgiving meal

I had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  It just happened to my 10 year Anniversary too.  My Dad and Mom both came for dinner.  Here are a few photos.

Destiny and Rueben

Me and My Daddy!

My Mom and Me

My man and me

Day one of the Christmas show, on Thanksgiving night.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

She sings

I don't know if I have ever mentioned here how much my daughter loves to sing.  It was love she developed at a very young age. She use to sing at the sweet little age of 2.  She sang in the car, to her stuffed animals, and while watching Barney her favorite TV show at the age.  She continued her love her music and singing, sometimes to the point of driving me crazy because she always had a song in her mind and we could be watching a movie and she would be sitting right next to me humming a song and most of the time didn't even realize she was doing it.  This child LOVES to sing!

She started her 4th grade year in Show Choir and then proceeded to Chorus in her 6th grade year and has been in Chorus every year since.  She has auditioned for All-State and has went every single year she auditioned.  She auditioned for Chamber Choir which is the elite choir  at her school and she has been it every year she was eligible. She does women's choir and chamber choir both.  She is part of All-City every year since 5th grade.  She has sang the National Anthem at events such as cross country and roller derby.  All of that being said the child loves Choral music and the Music dept at her school.  She loves her Instructor (Dr. Davis) and with the love of music she has she has decided to have a major in music. I have tried for the last year to convince her to do a minor in music and major in something else.  She is an IB student one who is smart enough to maintain a 100 average in classes such as calculus and well she is bright enough to be anything she wants and be financially stable as an adult. She has steadily said she wants Music to be her major.

Well, I was sitting in the church where they hold All-City every year and had the realization that this was my last All-City as this is her Senior year and tears immediately filled my eyes and my heart was feeling a bit heavy.  I wasn't going to go to this because I had planned a workout and she has done it many times and she is a Senior and doesn't necessarily HAVE to have me at some of these things.... but she text me when I was on my home from work "can you come tonight?" I didn't hesitate from that text to go because hey! This was my teenage daughter who was asking me to come to her event.. Heck yeah I will go! :)  I am every so glad I did too.

I captured this video that has forever stole my heart and has helped me accept the decision of her majoring in music that she has made... she LOVES this stuff.

The video played back on my camera wonderfully... but once I uploaded here it is not very clear and really looks like crap.  I am hoping you can still see the sure joy my daughter has for this.... it's a must see in my opinion.  What I want you to see starts at about 0:27 and continues so it isn't long...also, she is in the middle most of the time with long brown hair and a gorgeous smile.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ending credit card debt

Well I have posted before how I took a pay cut to work closer to home, and not have those darn early morning clinics.  I love that I did. I feel better physically and emotionally from the change. I feel like I have more time to my week day and never have to work a weekend.  There are lots of pros to this, but the only negative thing is that my income is less.

When looking at our budget and figuring out ways to improve things, I realized that I have too much credit card debt, like way too much. Not 20 or 30 thousand like some folks I know but more than I care to have and well more then I will ever pay off at the rate that I am currently paying on them.  So we needed a plan, and my man has devised a plan to help us get those cards paid off over the next 2 years.  To be almost completely debt free. We will still have my student loans, car payment and house payment but if we make it with only that debt in 2-3 years I will be super excited!!!  The plan that we have though included some sacrifice.  We will be doing without cell phones and Direct TV for a while.  We will also avoid eating out so much because we do so ENTIRELY too much not only is it unhealthy but it is expensive. This frees us up extra money to pay on the cards, and those are luxuries and not necessities anyway.  It will be hard and we will probably miss those things, but we have a zillion movies we can watch, we have Netflix  we will have regular TV stations, I have a kindle, we have internet, I only work 3 miles from home so I don't have to have a cell phone for emergencies really.  We will be keeping 1 cell phone for the family that will be for use on long trips and situations when a phone may be necessary but it will not have texting and will be a very basic phone.

My kiddos will have some adjustments to make with these changes and I am sorry for this, but tough times call for these measures and its an important lesson to learn for them that you have to do what is right and responsible in life.  Sometimes you sacrifice to make things better.  Its like working hard for a goal, or training for a race. To help us live more comfortably we need to make these changes and we are working toward a goal and its the work we have to put in to get to that goal.  Hopefully we reach this goal we have set and it will be a good life lesson that the kids will see that they don't need to get in debt and should they do so they need to work to get out of it before tragedy strikes hopefully.

I am looking forward to having this debt off of us... oh the extra money we will have... eventually.  It will be well worth the sacrifice we make.  (I am writing this now so when I miss those luxuries we are use to I can refer back to this and remember the importance of doing this).

Plans for the new we will have after the debt is paid:
1) Get a new kitchen
2) New floors in the house/ New paint in all rooms
3) New deck
4) Save for a boat
5) Get married (lol this seems far down on the list... it may have to be pushed up)
6) Save for a trip to see Heather again and possibly spend a week in New York also.
7) Save for a trip to Denver to see Charlie and possibly go to Vegas.

These are just a few things that I know I want to do. I know Thomas has mentioned NY and Vegas and the boat, and the kitchen and the deck so I think he is on the same page with most of these things just may not be in this order... lol I don't really care the order as long as we work toward achieving them.  The extra money we would not be spending on credit card debt would give us the ability to make all of these things happen! Wouldn't that be grand!

***Just to mention we have several great things that have already been purchase to look forward to:
1) The Who concert in Nashville
2) Panama City Beach trip for The Biggest Loser Half Marathon and New Year Celebration
3) P!NK concert in Nashville
4) Dirty Girl (My mud obstacle course I will be doing in March)

Unfortunately my kids are not going to any of these events with us, so I am going to take some of my income tax to buy them some clothes and make a family trip for all of us to enjoy (without going into further debt).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back into the swing of things

I took a few days off after the half marathon from running and well just everything.  My legs were demanding that time off as they were so sore I could barely walk.  This was my fault.  After all that running I didn't stretch! I am an idiot I know!  My foot was hurting so bad (you know where I said something happened at about mile 10 with the arch).  I just wanted to get my medal/shirt and get home! Go sit down! The walk to the car was pretty grueling alone, I needed to sit down.  So I did. And we drove all the way home to Decatur.  I then proceeded to shower and sit on my butt the rest of the day.  Which of course led to intense muscle soreness the next day. Lessons learned AGAIN, I am so stubborn I have to learn lessons numerous times before they really sink in, must be where my kids get it from.

That being said, I needed to run yesterday as it was my scheduled my running day and the calories I have consumed over the last three days are ridiculous especially with no exercise to counter act them.  I thought all day at work about how I would come home and exercise.  The problem was once I got off work and drove home the sun was already starting to go down and I hadn't even changed to my running clothes.  I walked in the house and knew I had to cook dinner, then walked in the kitchen and seen it was left in a mess.  I TOLD YOU DID NOTHING FOR 3 DAYS so you can only imagine! My kids had done a little pick up here and there and a little dish wash here and there and maybe a little of their own laundry here and there. (The laundy erks me!  They wash their own clothes when I am behind on laundry, but they put whatever someone else might have started on top of the dryer just thrown up there, the clothes go from in the hamper to strolled all over the place because they drop and sock and LEAVE IT THERE!! I would rather they all just stay out of it since they make such a mess of it, but sometimes Mom needs a break from that sort of thing too).  Anyway, needless to say I started laundry and cleaned up the laundry area, cleaned the kitchen, started dinner, worked my way into the bedroom where I had an embarrassing mess of laundry that needed to be hung up that was actually getting tramped on because my room is too small for a heap of laundry to sit on the floor.  I finally got all that sorted and hung, well most of it besides the fact that I ran out of hangers near the end... we run out of hangers more than any family should.  I buy the inexpensive plastic hangers and I think this is why we go through them they break and get thrown away and then before long I don't have enough. Where was I? Oh yes, workout/run yesterday did not happen.  I am sorta ashamed at myself before I have less than 6 weeks to train to for this next half marathon and I am determined to do it faster than the last and I will not be able to do this without TRAINING. Plus I eat too much to not exercise!

So I thought about getting this morning and getting it over with but the thought of getting up that early in the cold only lasted a second.  So now I have to go for a run in the dark when I get home from work tonight.  I AM GOING TO GO!  I am not going to worry about the house or dinner or anything until I knock out this workout.  I also want to do a Jillian dvd those help me tremendously and burn more calories! :) I plan to run 3 miles tonight and run again on Friday 5 miles and Sunday 8-10 miles.  I am going to gradually work back up to Sundays being a long day.  My normal run days are Tues. Thurs. Sunday and sometimes a Friday added in there... but I MISSED YESTERDAY, and SUNDAY because the race was on Saturday. Maybe that is why I feel like such a failure it has been so long since I ran.  I am happy that exercise is affecting me like this where I feel I NEED IT and I beat myself up when I don't do it.  Maybe I should get up in the morning when it is daylight and get my exercise over with... probably should actually lol Maybe I can make that a habit before long, but that would mean going to bed on time every night which I sorta suck at doing sometimes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 more years

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!  I will sleep well tonight! :)


I am proud to have had the opportunity to exercise my right to vote.  I proudly voted for OBAMA!  He is my go to man for several reasons.

1.  I am definitely for healthcare reform and he has been the first guy to tackle it and begin the process for change.
2.  I am for Gay marriage and could never vote for someone who does not agree with me on this!
3.  I am proud to see the war in Iraq end and look forward to seeing our troops in Afghanistan come home soon.
4.  I am glad he got Bin Laden.
5.  I am against the rich getting richer while the poor can barely feed their family.  Hard working people are suffering every day in our wonderful country while the rich continue to spend money on diamond in-crested boats.
6.  I generally like Obama.  I didn't at first, I admit that I was on Hilary's band wagon 4 years ago... I was heartbroken and really didn't like Obama then.... but he has shown to be a very strong leader.  Someone who is very personal and actually appears to be human unlike most politicians.  I really love to hear him speak. He is a very admirable President.
7.  I love Michelle, The First Lady. Actually the best First Lady of my time HANDS DOWN! She is an excellent role model for our young people and she is very intelligent yet still gorgeous! :)
8.  The President is working to progress our nation toward clean energy.
9.  Even though he inherited a huge deficit or an economic crisis he has managed to still create jobs and try to dig us out of the whole we have been in.  I would like to give him 4 more years to see what progress he can make as the last 4 was clearly just cleaning up someone else's mess.
10. He is the best candidate!

Just a quick jot down of 10 BIG reasons why I voted for him today.  Now I sit and wait and watch the outcome of this election.  All I can say is "Please don't let Romney win".

Monday, November 5, 2012


Did you make it to the movies to see Sinister.  If not I highly suggest you do!  If you like edge of your seat, creepy crawling feeling, goosebumps and scares.... It is awesome!  Left me with such a weird icky feeling just like a horror film is suppose to do! :)

Thanks to Thomas for taking us out on a date night to enjoy it!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

I went to see my Daddy for his Birthday.  He is 59 years old now!!! I love my Daddy so very much he has to be one of the most important people in my life ever.

I didn't spend that much time with him as a child and only grew really close with him through my children and my adult years.  He encourages me so much.  He shows such pride in who I am and what I do that I can't help but feel good about myself just by talking to him.

When I am having issues and maybe feeling guilty about my parenting style or feeling less than adequate about something that I am trying to accomplish, I simply call my Dad. He listens to me and hears me out then he states his opinion and then he just reminds me I am human, I am strong, he is proud of me and I can do anything and some how when I hang up the phone I feel better. I know he is there and he has my back and I feel better. My daddy means everything to me and I am so thankful for our relationship!

Here are some photos from our Birthday dinner today.

This is the Birthday Boy himself! :)

Behind the plate there is my cousin Jennifer who was at our dinner but wouldn't let me take her photo.

Me and My other Momma Karen! (she hates to have her photo taken)

Still not a great picture of us lol but getting better.

Myself, My awesome Daddy and My wonderful Man

My Daddy's new toy

Thomas is dreaming

Yep he is dreaming real big

I love this guy!

What is this? My empty Moolatte from DQ.  YEP. EMPTY!  What? I ran 10 miles before meeting them for dinner.  lol I felt I deserved it.  

This guy had a banana Split

And it must of been delish! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I ran 6 miles.  The BEST 6 miles of my life!  I might just become a real runner after all!  I say this but it was still slow!  I am embarrassed by how slow I run.  I can easily walk the pace I run.  I do try to run more than walk but the speed I have while running is really that of a snail.  I think I will get faster.  I hope I will.  But, I ran the majority of this 6 miles with very limited walk breaks and I felt stronger than I have ever felt while running! :)