Sunday, October 14, 2012


Not sure what it is about my youngin's but they sure do drive me bonkers!  I am proud of them, they aren't in trouble and aren't doing drugs or failing or doing anything wayyyyy wrong.  They just dont DO ANYTHING!!! I mean chores are a joke around my house. One of them is so lazy that their grades show it with big "goose eggs" for homework that is nothing but a sign of laziness.

My daughter paid money and signed up for the half marathon with me that she had plenty of time to train for considering her age and fitness I figured she would run circles around me, but it hasn't been the case and she has already quit trying after only 2 weeks of trying.  Just gave up.  That is not me, she does not get that from me.  I am worried about finishing this thing but I am damn sure going to give it my all so I don't feel like I quit.  

I am just really concerned.  Then I look back at my fun times over the few months and they are not a part of them, is this because I am a selfish mother? I spend money on myself and do things for me only? I don't think so but now my mind is messing with me.  I spend money on ACT tests and football cleats, and well anything they tell me they need.  Desmond just wants to go to his dads, and Destiny just wants to do things with her friends.  Neither of them want to do anything with me.  Why? Because they are teenagers? or because of me?

I love those two bratz more than anything and all I can do is hope for the best for them.  Destiny is already 17 years old.  Hell I had a baby when I was 19, so she thinks she is grown.... I just hope for the best.  Desmond is a good kid but doesn't want to do anything in the form of work.... I just hope for the best.

I love them, I miss them... maybe I need to plan a family fun event here soon...Guess I need to be thinking on it.

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