Saturday, October 27, 2012


So we watched a couple of scary movies last night.

The first was Kidnapped and it was a very good flick.  The title doesn't fit the film and it is dubbed as it is originally like a spanish  movie, but pretty violent and intense movie and I recommend it if for no other reason than a couple of the killings are so brutally extreme you just have to watch it.

The second movie was Insidious, which my family says I have seen already but for some reason I don't recall it.  There were a few parts near the end that I remembered faintly.  I either was busy doing something else while we watched it or I erased it from my memory as it was so terrifying.  I literally experienced every emotion during this film.   I screamed a few times loudly and during some of those times I got chills down my entire body.  One time when I was busy screaming during a terrifying part my maltese dog decided he didn't appreciate my blood hurdling scream and jumped up and bit my hand. Not bad, didn't break the skin but was hard enough to cause a little discomfort.  I freaked out then because I was freaked out from the movie and then freaked out by my dog so lol I was FREAKED OUT!!!! lol It was a fun night with Desmond and Thomas watching some flicks. :)

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