Thursday, October 18, 2012


Talk about sore muscles. I have started a new workout, only on day two.  I have really been needing this! I haven't done strength training except for my brief time in boot camp.   I loved how I was feeling when doing the bootcamp but I can't afford it, and now there isn't one close enough if I could afford it for me to drive to every day.  I have to do something realistic to my lifestyle to be able to stick with it.  I have plenty of tools at home to get a great workout in but I don't utilize them.  I have a weighted bar, a step, kettle bells, and hand weight as well as mat.  EVERYTHING I would possibly need.  I have Insanity which is awesome but a bit on the difficult side and probably too advanced for me. I feel like a failure when attempting it because they are so much more advanced and I have to quit before they do or go into cardiac arrest lol.

Oh I mentioned a new workout didn't I?  It's Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and it is wonderful! Not too easy and not too advanced that I can't do the moves (or at least it hasn't been in the two days I have tried it).  I hurt..... I hurt bad! Every muscle I used in that day one is screaming at me today. My shoulders, upper back, stomach, inner thigh... I move in my chair at work and just OUCH!  That is awesome to feel that way. I felt like that a couple of times after boot camp, and even though I am exercising on a regular basis, I do not usually have sore muscles other than my lower legs.  That is it! That is from pure impact.  I also go slower than the snails on the road so no wonder I don't have much muscle pain.  But the pain in the lower leg prohibits much speed work, and working on distance has done nothing but make me slower!  I know that is odd, I associate it with mental issues I am having knowing I have to last for many miles means I must go slower or something.  To work on speed with running and actually get to where I may run a full 5k without a single walk break and hopefully someday get it to 30 minutes... I need to work on my body. The whole body. The fuel for it, the strength of it... all the mechanics need to work and when I started this in January I just saw goals I wanted to reach.  I have reached them and I am very proud of my accomplishments but now I want to get better. Go longer, stronger and faster.  So I am determined that from yesterday until Spring I am going to do at a 30 minute video workout. I figure I burn about 300 calories at my size now doing those, this weekend I plan on wearing my heart rate monitor to get a more accurate calorie burn.  I think with that calorie burn and the dvd plans to work different muscle groups so you can work out every day like Jillian/Insanity and such those will keep me doing a video.  I am going to stick with my training plan for the half marathon and then when that is over, I think I am going to start over with a couch to 5K program and get to wear I am running and entire 5K.   With the circuit training and the running I will be doing that should keep me fit during the winter months alone. I am going to break out the bike trainer and have it set up in next to the treadmill and just jump on and ride some nights when I don't run to keep that going and on some Sundays I plan to hit the pool so I can continue to work on my swimming because it is so far from good its bad and I do plan on doing triathlons next year as well as duathlons.  I am going to be an athlete. Wait I am now, just a wimpy one. lol

Anyway, so far day two of this Jillian workout I recommend it for those who are like me, not a complete couch potato but not as strong as someone who can run a solid 5K. I think this video and my continued perseverance I will just get there. I am 36 now and my goals are to be bad ass by the time I am 40 lol.

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