Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Family Plan

Let's face it, life is busy. I think we are all busier than our parents or their parents. Everything moves faster in this day and age.  Because we are so busy my enjoyment most days is looking forward to sitting, just sitting on the couch and watching some of my favorite TV shows.  The problem is I sit all day at work now, I watched entirely too much TV and my life is just moving too fast despite all the sitting.  You know time goes faster when you are watching tv/movies.  You can accomplish so much in the amount of time you can watch a movie.  I am going to try to make the most of my time and I am devising a new schedule to sort of help me maintain a balanced life with my family.  A typical week with my new plan will look something like this (note: This will be the evenings after work).

Monday: Home to do my exercise, shower/dinner, and do something with Desmond (my son) it may be watching a game on TV, watching a favorite show, playing  a game (as long as he isn't grounded from the playstation), going to see a movie (if I can afford it), going to ice cream ... you get the point, just something that we do together it may be an hour or 3 hours depending on the week.

Tuesday; Home to do my exercise and chores around the house, shower/dinner

Wednesday: Home to do my exercise and do something with Destiny (my daughter) same as with my son, just something that we can enjoy doing together.

Thursday: Home to do my exercise and do something with Thomas (my man) we can have a date night and do something that we enjoy.

Friday & Saturday will be usual days with exercise, chores around the house and so forth, might still have another date night or play night but nothing is going to be set in stone these nights.

Sunday will be a family chore day and a family fun evening. It may just be sitting and watching a movie with popcorn, or it me be going on some sort of adventure, but it will be something that we all 4 do together.

I believe this will help me share the love with everyone and spend time with my kids. They are changing and I am not sure their likes and dislikes as much as I once was. I miss my babies, I miss good quality time with my man and I am hoping this will help us grow closer together.

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