Monday, October 15, 2012

Me and my hair

If you didn't notice in my most recent photos, the red hair had to go.  It was a joke and I need to post this blog to remind myself that I NEVER WANT TO BE RED AGAIN!!!!

I stripped the red out of my hair and tried to go back blonde but it was a strawberry blonde that had blotchy color because of stripping such a dark dark red out of my hair.  I had to wait a few weeks because of the damage I was trying to avoid and then I went back brown close to my natural color.  I hope to let my hair grow back out, and keep the brown color until spring time at which time I am going to get highlights again (professional) lol me and my hair, its like a soap opera.
Dark Red
Stripped color + blonde = Strawberry blonde

Neutral brown (not sure why my phone is taking checkered pictures lol sorry for the poor quality but its the only photo of the brown I have).

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