Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bitter or Better

I was thinking on something and the fact is that I am usually a very positive up beat person.  Over the last several years somewhere I have lost me.  I have posted about this before, and still haven't figured it out yet. I think it is because I am surrounded by negative. Some people see a situation that has happened to them and effected them in some way and they feel bitter about it. I am always someone who sees something as a change for me to be better or the others involved to be better but not be so bitter about it.  Live and let live so to speak, just move past things. I tend to linger on them now longer than  I use to and have a bitterness in me when something effects me negatively.  I HATE THIS ABOUT ME!

One good thing is that I am noticing it and only I have the chance to improve this about me.  I can be a positive influence on those in my life. I can be a positive influence on myself.

I hope it rubs off on those around me too, because its hard to be positive and in a good mood when others in my home can be so negative and put an end to a good mood or thought so easily without even thinking of how hard I might have worked on that mood.

I choose to be better!

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