Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All in how you see it.

Sometimes burdens of life get you down.  Rather it is finances, some relationships, the work you are doing, your health.... whatever it may be there are definitely ups and downs to this life.  I see some folks who constantly complain, its their health or their finances and nothing positive and I just want to say "Do you honestly not have a single thing to be happy about in life?"  I mean I know sometimes when life gives you hell (which it does often) it seems like its the end of your rope, but the truth is, that even those hard times can have a positive spin to them and make you feel better.  It is all in how you look at it.

Another thing is like that unconditional love.  You know the one you have for your children, your partner, your pets even. You love those furry kids even if they poop in the floor or get excited and pee on your house guest (that has only happened once... hmmm could be why we don't have company much).  I know that you love those people/animals that mean the most to you unconditionally you take the good with the bad.  Sometimes as parents we want the best for our children. We want them to learn everything there is to learn about being a respectable adult and everything they need to learn about everything in the world so that they are awesome and we can brag about them... am I right?  The truth is a lot of us parents try to teach to our kids the things we were taught and lessons we have learned the hard way but kids need the opportunities to learn from their own mistakes.  When they make mistakes we can look at it as a time to remind them of their failure or show them compassion and understanding that no one is perfect and we too have made some pretty bad decisions in our lives some of them life altering.  Life is hard, no one is perfect and no one can walk in another shoes exactly. Don't judge, Don't over parent and more importantly always let those you love know you are there for them. You love them unconditionally rather they mess up or not you are there for them. Whatever choice they make, and if they hurt for any reason you will be there for them.

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” 
~ Unknown Author

"When someone we love is having difficulty and is giving us a bad time, it's better to explore the cause than to criticize the action.” 
~ Zig Ziglar

Remember to think before speaking and pause before punishing or criticizing to look at things from another view point because you are not always right and your way is not the only way. (me)

Never forget the rainbow of colors are better than black and white. (me)

Also, it's how you see it in this election bull crap that is going on.  All of the Facebook friends generally are voting for Romney and it makes me sick all the crap they keep posting about the election.  If you are poor and want to stay that way vote for Romney because he could care less about helping you.  If you feel that Obama has failed you, then just remember that every politician ever will probably do the same.  My vote will be for Obama because I don't believe he has had enough time in office to make changes that he has wanted for our country. I will be honest that Bush has turned my stomach against the republicans even more so than previously and when I hear Romney and listen to what he says I hear Bush.  Cocky, and just simply a speaker who doesn't seem to be a thinker.  I believe he is well rehearsed and I do not trust him, but I can't say I would trust any politician.  But since that liberal guy..... President Obama is watching out for us and with the Obamacare as so many like to call it, and his plan to tax that 1% higher seems to be a fine plan because well if I was in that 1% then I would gladly agree to pay it to help our nation in any way.  So if you haven't noticed my vote will probably cancel out your vote lol because I will be voting for Obama. Again its all in how you see it.  

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