Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red hair

If you didn't notice I changed my hair from the blonde that I was getting use to, to a wild bright red color.  Why? I HAVE NO FRIGGIN' IDEA!!!

I just was needing new color because my roots were growing out and while at the store the red color had my attention and the blonde seemed boring.

I haven't "Loved" it since I did it, but now it has been about 2-3 weeks with this color, and the color is already fading!!! It looks really bad.

Now to decide what to do because I have a feeling if I go back blonde it will be pink instead of blonde this is such a deep red.  I wonder if I shouldn't strip the color out then go back blonde, and then get a hair cut to take care of the fried ends I will surely have after all of that damage!

UGH! Why do I continue to do stupid things with this hair on my head? I think I wanted a drastic change, because I had been changing drastically with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle that has actually began to revert because I am gaining weight instead of losing it and not as active as I was, so maybe the hair color was suppose to spark me? Trick me? Trick others? lol hell I have no idea, but I am too old for such drastic changes in my appearance.

I think tomorrow will be hair color change and a new schedule made for my ass to get back in gear with my running/exercise.

Say goodbye to this red hair!!!!

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