Saturday, September 15, 2012

My fitness

This week has pretty much sucked! I lost my partner in running last week as she has slowly just quit trying.  I managed to do 5 miles by  myself on Sunday only to come down with a horrible cold on Monday which has sat me out from running so I missed two running days (Tues and Thurs)... now, tomorrow is Sunday and I am scheduled to run 6 miles.  I can breath better now but I am still sick. I do think I can attempt to run tomorrow, but I might not make it running a whole lot, I will get the distance in regardless if it is running or walking.  Now my running partner has this sickness so she will more than likely not be running with me this week either, so I will probably be doing the 6 miles alone.  It is not that long until the half marathon and I am scared I wont be ready!

I got on the scale and due to my poor eating habits and less physical activity over the last several weeks.  I have gained 10 lbs! HOLY GUACAMOLE! So, I have got to get my ass moving, and quit oinking around here so much!

I am going to announce my goals to weigh 160 lbs by the time my half marathon comes Nov 10th.  So, this means I have now told the world that I can and do this, now I just have to do it!!! :)

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