Saturday, September 15, 2012

Charlie to those who love him

My childhood friend Charlie came back home to Alabama this week for a visit from Colorado.   I haven't seen him in 2 years. And as always I am super excited to get to visit with him.  I think Thomas and I should plan us a trip to see him in Colorado sometime soon. He came over to watch the Alabama vs Arkansas game which we slaughtered them.  We enjoyed some hot wings and snacks and a few beers. It was a very short but good visit. I am super glad I got to see him and he made time to visit with me while he was home. I know his trips are always full with his family and friends and makes me happy he remembers me after all of these years!  I wish him safe travels on his way back home tomorrow and hope he has had a wonderful trip.

My man! :) Roll Tide!

Cooper had to show off his tricks and how playful he is

Reuben made a new friend, but not at first lol he started off the introduction by crying because a "stranger" was holding him and pissing all over Charlie and myself... lol but he quickly became his buddy.

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