Saturday, September 29, 2012

Racin' the station and Bama vs Ole Miss

Bright and early we headed to the Arsenal to take on the space station.  I got to try Suzie out in the first race and she was fantastic.  This has to be one of the best races I have been involved in, it was ran so smooth and had neat features like rocket blast off and special note from an Astronaut that is on the actual space station.  It was so much fun.  The goal was to beat the station, I did not beat the station.  I had a pretty horrible race myself. My legs were not cooperating with me.  They were like knots which made every step I took very painful which made me do horrible! I was on my heaviest day of my cycle as well, which running tends to help that but on that heavy day I usually feel like hell.  I started the race off with a horrific 2 mile run but made up some time on the bike, Suzie flies (14 miles in an hour), then had to finish off the race with another 2 miles and by this time my legs had already waged a war on me and were not going to back down.  I am proud to have finished this race, and to have two duathlons under my belt.  Now to make major improvements by this time next year!  Here are a few pictures from the race.

We got lucky enough to go see the Tide play a second time.  Our neighbors were selling their tickets and parking pass for a steal.  The game got moved to a really late night game, the weather was a bit unpredictable, and we are true tide fans and didn't give a crap about those things and jumped on the opportunity to go.  To up the ante we decided we could take it on after having woke up and the butt crack of dawn to go to the duathlon and still pull off this late game, because we are bad ass!

We made it to T-Town with plenty of time to spare and we walked around a bit, then it started to rain so we went back to the vehicle for our very own tailgating.  I have mastered my drinking while there now. I am not a big beer drinker, and I love margaritas.  Now I am buying the packs of margaritas that are already made up you can buy in the freezer section of the grocery store.  Pour them in a cup of ice and drink drink drink :) These were amazing!

The game was great, the ride home was uneventful and for that I am thankful because we didn't make it back to our house until after 3 am.  But, it was such a full day of fun for us I wouldn't trade if for anything!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Because he loves me

My sweet man surprised me with the gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  He knows how to make me feel so special.  I know many women who never get such a wonderful surprise because I was one of them before I met this wonderful man! I am so thankful he is mine! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bama vs Florida Atlantic

I bought some tickets from a co-worker to see Bama play Florida Atlantic and Thomas and I headed down to T-Town.

Speaking of Alabama, those boys are playing outrageously well! :) I look the TIDE!  RTR!

We headed down early and at at Dreamland BBQ which is a tiny slice of heaven here on earth and as they say "There ain't nothing like em' nowhere".

We then got to the stadium and parked, and walked around.  I did not dress appropriately, as I had on jeans and T-shirt... but before game time I was scorching!  The seats we had were directly in the sun the whole game so it was a damn good thing we found me an inexpensive outfit to buy and change into before the game started.  I now have a new shorts/tshirt set lol because you never know when I might dress wrong for a game or something haha.

We enjoyed a few beverages

We happened upon  some guy there selling stainless steal rings that he would engrave and we got a wild hair and decided to get us a couple of rings. :)

Alabama kicked booty as we expected.  It was a really wonderful game.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quit Anniversary

Today is my quit date, I didn't think about it too much until Thomas had said we were going out on a date night.  He took me to Olive Garden, ordered a bottle of wine and reminded me it was my quit anniversary!  I quit smoking 7 years ago! :) YAY ME!

I feel better, smell better and am healthier now then I was when I smoked.

I sure would not be as athletic as I am now if I had not quit.  I would not be running a single mile.

I am a lucky gal to have a guy who remembers such things and supports me in all that I do.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My fitness

This week has pretty much sucked! I lost my partner in running last week as she has slowly just quit trying.  I managed to do 5 miles by  myself on Sunday only to come down with a horrible cold on Monday which has sat me out from running so I missed two running days (Tues and Thurs)... now, tomorrow is Sunday and I am scheduled to run 6 miles.  I can breath better now but I am still sick. I do think I can attempt to run tomorrow, but I might not make it running a whole lot, I will get the distance in regardless if it is running or walking.  Now my running partner has this sickness so she will more than likely not be running with me this week either, so I will probably be doing the 6 miles alone.  It is not that long until the half marathon and I am scared I wont be ready!

I got on the scale and due to my poor eating habits and less physical activity over the last several weeks.  I have gained 10 lbs! HOLY GUACAMOLE! So, I have got to get my ass moving, and quit oinking around here so much!

I am going to announce my goals to weigh 160 lbs by the time my half marathon comes Nov 10th.  So, this means I have now told the world that I can and do this, now I just have to do it!!! :)

Red hair

If you didn't notice I changed my hair from the blonde that I was getting use to, to a wild bright red color.  Why? I HAVE NO FRIGGIN' IDEA!!!

I just was needing new color because my roots were growing out and while at the store the red color had my attention and the blonde seemed boring.

I haven't "Loved" it since I did it, but now it has been about 2-3 weeks with this color, and the color is already fading!!! It looks really bad.

Now to decide what to do because I have a feeling if I go back blonde it will be pink instead of blonde this is such a deep red.  I wonder if I shouldn't strip the color out then go back blonde, and then get a hair cut to take care of the fried ends I will surely have after all of that damage!

UGH! Why do I continue to do stupid things with this hair on my head? I think I wanted a drastic change, because I had been changing drastically with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle that has actually began to revert because I am gaining weight instead of losing it and not as active as I was, so maybe the hair color was suppose to spark me? Trick me? Trick others? lol hell I have no idea, but I am too old for such drastic changes in my appearance.

I think tomorrow will be hair color change and a new schedule made for my ass to get back in gear with my running/exercise.

Say goodbye to this red hair!!!!

Charlie to those who love him

My childhood friend Charlie came back home to Alabama this week for a visit from Colorado.   I haven't seen him in 2 years. And as always I am super excited to get to visit with him.  I think Thomas and I should plan us a trip to see him in Colorado sometime soon. He came over to watch the Alabama vs Arkansas game which we slaughtered them.  We enjoyed some hot wings and snacks and a few beers. It was a very short but good visit. I am super glad I got to see him and he made time to visit with me while he was home. I know his trips are always full with his family and friends and makes me happy he remembers me after all of these years!  I wish him safe travels on his way back home tomorrow and hope he has had a wonderful trip.

My man! :) Roll Tide!

Cooper had to show off his tricks and how playful he is

Reuben made a new friend, but not at first lol he started off the introduction by crying because a "stranger" was holding him and pissing all over Charlie and myself... lol but he quickly became his buddy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

80s Pep Rally

Destiny had to dress up from the 80s for her Pep Rally at school.  Here is what we came up with on the spur of the moment.
1. Thomas found her a shirt he had from a concert her went to in 1987 (BON JOVI)
2. I taught her how to tight-roll her jeans
3. She wore socks that could be "pushed down"
4. She already had converse
5. I attempted to giver her the "big" 80s hair. (which was a bit of failure, it was bigger than she would ever wear it on any other given time.... but not big ENOUGH... her hair is heavy and didn't like to go big like mine would. lol back in the day!)
6. She bought a jacket from a local thrift store that was probably from the 80s

Here is the finished 80s look

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My baby boy

He is over 6ft tall and 180 lbs and yet he is still my baby!

He is 14 years old now!

Wow how he has grown! I love him and his rotten self. :)  I am proud to be his mom, even though he is a slacker on somethings haha.

Here are some photos from his birthday

He had magic candles that kept re-lighting themselves lol it was great!

Now he is playing Football for the first time! Here are some photos.  He is #71 if you can't tell

Here are is the fan base, missing one crazy person walking around with a camera.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kiss and Motley Crue

We "Rocked n Rolled all night" with a completely explosive concert.  We saw Treatment which rocked hard and started about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Most concerts make a packed house wait a few minutes before starting... they started before people were even in their seats.  That was just a picture of what the night would hold for as it was action packed from beginning to end.  Motley Crue rocked the house! They had awesome laser lights and well it was MOTLEY CRUE!!!  Then, the finale, KISS.  They rocked so hard you would think they were youngsters.  Platform shoes, and makeup... it was wonderful!  They came down from the rafters to start the show, there were explosions and then one of them jumped on a rope and glided high above the fans to stand on a platform in the crowd.  It was a wonderful night with my man.

Some of the pictures didn't turn out well, but regardless it was a blast!