Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Here, It's Really Here!!!

Tomorrow is the big day.

I will become a triathlete tomorrow! HOPEFULLY!  My plan for this event is to simply FINISH!

I went swimming yesterday for the first time with  my new trisuit and my new waterproof watch.  It took me exactly 15 minutes to swim 400 meters.  I know I know this sounds pathetic.  But, its a start and I have to start somewhere. Now to try to improve that time.  I am a horrible swimmer as previously stated.  I have to float a good bit of the 400 meters to catch my breath because I simply can't swim it non-stop.  I hope to excel on the bike and run to try to make up for the horrible start I will have to my first ever triathlon.  Regardless of how my time is I WILL COMPLETE THIS, Hopefully!!!

I keep talking about all my new stuff... I really have went crazy with expensive stuff for my exercise, now to put it all to good use.  The only expenses I should have is for the races and occasional shoes/clothes along the way though.  lol Hopefully I am done spending money on this stuff for a while.  I have been expensive this year!!!

I have so much to do!!!! I have so much to get together!!!  I have to charge my camera batteries, I have to check my gear and make sure I don't forget something. I have to pick my packet up the morning of, which sort of stresses me out just knowing I don't have it the night before.  ACK!

It will be ok and this time tomorrow I will be done with my first ever Triathlon and looking toward the future as to what I will try to accomplish next.

Have a Happy Friday!

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