Thursday, August 23, 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

Well I haven't posted about this yet, but today is my last day to ever have to go to early morning clinic.  Not because they are ending that but because I am embarking on new journey.  I am starting a new job.

I did complain about a those early morning clinics for 2.5 years.  I did them all, but complained the entire time from the week before, to the night before, to the day of and even the night of.  I was always tired, or dreading those days.  I will miss some of the awesome folks that I would see on these early clinics but I will not ever miss waking up that early to go to work for 1 or 2 patients, no not EVER!

I am greatful to my current employer for providing me work over the last 2 years and in this world a job is a very important thing to have so I do feel like I have been blessed.  Every place as "issues" and there are probably always "reasons" to leave a place.  Another reason I have besides those early morning clinics is that I commute to work.  The drive is driving me BONKERS!  Yes I just said Bonkers, (giggle).  Seriously, I am in my car for over an hour a day, that is an hour that I could be cleaning house or better yet going on a run and that time is precious to me.  Not only that but I got a new vehicle April 1st and I have already managed to put 10k miles on it since I got it.  I mean to me that is a lot of miles to put on a vehicle in just 4 months time.

I was nervous about my new position and now the nerves have settled some and I am just uberly excited!  I will be working approx 2-3 miles from my home.  (I still have to go to two schools to take the kiddos and hit upteen hundred lights/stop signs lol but I am so close!!! See there are pros and cons to everything but being just a few minutes from home and not having to wait in traffice for over an hour like I did last night just to get home will be marvelous!  I also will not be on call for a week a time anymore and I will not have those dreaded early  morning clinics. The group of ladies I will be working with seem like they will be awesome and I feel super blessed to be starting a new beginning.  I keep hoping I will find something that is a perfect fit for me so I may grow and retire from the same position, maybe this one is THE ONE! I know my attitude will be positive about it and I expect nothing but awesome from my new position.

My last day at my current position is next Tuesday which means I still have 3 more working days after today.  Today is significant though because it is my last day for that early morning clinic.

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