Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 days... OMG

Well there is only 10 more days until my first triathlon... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Am I ready? NO!!!

I finally broke down and ordered me a bunch of stuff for my Triathlon like a Tri suit, new tires for my bike, tool kit for my bike (because I had been using Thomas'), and shoes.  Oh, I almost forgot I also ordered me a waterproof watch.  Yes, I am a moron. I have a very high dollar watch but it isn't waterproof which means I can't swim with it which means I will not be using it in the triathlon, I will miss it I am sure.

I hope all the stuff I ordered comes in this week, because on this coming Saturday I am going to do a run through of the course.  I am going to swim, bike, and run just so I can see that I will not DIE!  (Btw if I do die, at least I died trying). 

I got my hair chopped off.  I don't know why but my hair was feeling like straw.  The ends were HORRIBLY dry and just lifeless.  I like the new hairdo if not for the looks for the feel.  It is so easy too, with the activities of trying to fit swimming, biking and running into my life the easier the hair is the better! So I am happy with it!

On another note: I miss my children!  I have enjoyed time with my man and feeling of less responsibility but I miss my babies.  They should both be home on Sunday from their dads and that gives us one week to go buy school supplies and get ready for school.  Which usually means cramming in the last of the summer reading assignments and everything all in the last week, if I know my youngins.  My daughter is a Senior this year.  This is hard to think of, I am excited for her and scared for her and happy and sad... ohhh it's just too much!  My son is in his last year of Middle School which means he only has 5 more years of grade school.  Sigh.

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