Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am sitting and watching one of my all time favorite shows "The IT Crowd"... We watched the whole series on Netflix not long ago and tonight just restarted them to watch them again because they are so freaking fantabulous!

I am sitting here after my first day at my new job.  The people were very nice, the office was very casual and I learned so much in one day that I think my head may explode lol.  Let's hope the information sticks before I go back tomorrow haha.

I am sitting here while I should be doing laundry, cleaning my bedroom, organizing my things.... oh my goodness I have so much I need to be doing! But I sit here.

I have over ate the past 4 weeks something horrible with late night snacks, and eating out.... its really disgusting and that is why my scales are going in the wrong direction.  I sit here right now with an overly stuffed stomach after over eating my dinner.

I sit here when I should be on my bike... I have a triathlon on Saturday!!!!

I sit here because I know I have to get up at 5 am tomorrow morning  to run on my training plan for the half-marathon.

I am just sitting, relaxing and I think I am going to enjoy the hell out of it the rest of the night.  I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming up! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Endings and New Beginnings

Well I haven't posted about this yet, but today is my last day to ever have to go to early morning clinic.  Not because they are ending that but because I am embarking on new journey.  I am starting a new job.

I did complain about a those early morning clinics for 2.5 years.  I did them all, but complained the entire time from the week before, to the night before, to the day of and even the night of.  I was always tired, or dreading those days.  I will miss some of the awesome folks that I would see on these early clinics but I will not ever miss waking up that early to go to work for 1 or 2 patients, no not EVER!

I am greatful to my current employer for providing me work over the last 2 years and in this world a job is a very important thing to have so I do feel like I have been blessed.  Every place as "issues" and there are probably always "reasons" to leave a place.  Another reason I have besides those early morning clinics is that I commute to work.  The drive is driving me BONKERS!  Yes I just said Bonkers, (giggle).  Seriously, I am in my car for over an hour a day, that is an hour that I could be cleaning house or better yet going on a run and that time is precious to me.  Not only that but I got a new vehicle April 1st and I have already managed to put 10k miles on it since I got it.  I mean to me that is a lot of miles to put on a vehicle in just 4 months time.

I was nervous about my new position and now the nerves have settled some and I am just uberly excited!  I will be working approx 2-3 miles from my home.  (I still have to go to two schools to take the kiddos and hit upteen hundred lights/stop signs lol but I am so close!!! See there are pros and cons to everything but being just a few minutes from home and not having to wait in traffice for over an hour like I did last night just to get home will be marvelous!  I also will not be on call for a week a time anymore and I will not have those dreaded early  morning clinics. The group of ladies I will be working with seem like they will be awesome and I feel super blessed to be starting a new beginning.  I keep hoping I will find something that is a perfect fit for me so I may grow and retire from the same position, maybe this one is THE ONE! I know my attitude will be positive about it and I expect nothing but awesome from my new position.

My last day at my current position is next Tuesday which means I still have 3 more working days after today.  Today is significant though because it is my last day for that early morning clinic.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What shall I name her?

Insert name here

My man loves me.  He really does.  I am spoiled so bad I stink.  He saw me complete my first triathlon or he waited patiently 2 hours for me start said triathlon and another 1 hour 37 minutes for me to finish.  He supports me in all my efforts and I am super thankful to have him in my corner.

He is intelligent too, not just a little but like he is really smart!  Why he is with me? I haven't figured that one out yet.  But he is and I am happy so I am not going to rock that boat.  Now, he has built himself a road bike years ago.  He knows his stuff.   He has informed me he is going to build me a tri bike that is just right for my size.

Last night he took some very weird measurements of me sitting, standing, arms stretched out, shoulders back all sorts of measurements.... then today when I got home informed me he bought my frame to start on my bike!  It rocks! I love it!  Now this will take a while because well parts for bikes are not cheap!  I love having something to look forward to and this is awesome.  Now I need to name her.

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Here, It's Really Here!!!

Tomorrow is the big day.

I will become a triathlete tomorrow! HOPEFULLY!  My plan for this event is to simply FINISH!

I went swimming yesterday for the first time with  my new trisuit and my new waterproof watch.  It took me exactly 15 minutes to swim 400 meters.  I know I know this sounds pathetic.  But, its a start and I have to start somewhere. Now to try to improve that time.  I am a horrible swimmer as previously stated.  I have to float a good bit of the 400 meters to catch my breath because I simply can't swim it non-stop.  I hope to excel on the bike and run to try to make up for the horrible start I will have to my first ever triathlon.  Regardless of how my time is I WILL COMPLETE THIS, Hopefully!!!

I keep talking about all my new stuff... I really have went crazy with expensive stuff for my exercise, now to put it all to good use.  The only expenses I should have is for the races and occasional shoes/clothes along the way though.  lol Hopefully I am done spending money on this stuff for a while.  I have been expensive this year!!!

I have so much to do!!!! I have so much to get together!!!  I have to charge my camera batteries, I have to check my gear and make sure I don't forget something. I have to pick my packet up the morning of, which sort of stresses me out just knowing I don't have it the night before.  ACK!

It will be ok and this time tomorrow I will be done with my first ever Triathlon and looking toward the future as to what I will try to accomplish next.

Have a Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

10 days... OMG

Well there is only 10 more days until my first triathlon... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Am I ready? NO!!!

I finally broke down and ordered me a bunch of stuff for my Triathlon like a Tri suit, new tires for my bike, tool kit for my bike (because I had been using Thomas'), and shoes.  Oh, I almost forgot I also ordered me a waterproof watch.  Yes, I am a moron. I have a very high dollar watch but it isn't waterproof which means I can't swim with it which means I will not be using it in the triathlon, I will miss it I am sure.

I hope all the stuff I ordered comes in this week, because on this coming Saturday I am going to do a run through of the course.  I am going to swim, bike, and run just so I can see that I will not DIE!  (Btw if I do die, at least I died trying). 

I got my hair chopped off.  I don't know why but my hair was feeling like straw.  The ends were HORRIBLY dry and just lifeless.  I like the new hairdo if not for the looks for the feel.  It is so easy too, with the activities of trying to fit swimming, biking and running into my life the easier the hair is the better! So I am happy with it!

On another note: I miss my children!  I have enjoyed time with my man and feeling of less responsibility but I miss my babies.  They should both be home on Sunday from their dads and that gives us one week to go buy school supplies and get ready for school.  Which usually means cramming in the last of the summer reading assignments and everything all in the last week, if I know my youngins.  My daughter is a Senior this year.  This is hard to think of, I am excited for her and scared for her and happy and sad... ohhh it's just too much!  My son is in his last year of Middle School which means he only has 5 more years of grade school.  Sigh.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Too Early

You know I wake up too early (4am) when I am trying to put my lip liner on my eyes.

As I posted early my Boot camp ended on Monday.  Since then I have managed to go swimming on Tuesday afternoon, and run on the treadmill for 30 minutes on Wednesday morning.  That is it! I SUCK! I have got to pull time to push myself.  I feel physically drained, but I know if I was doing more exercise I would probably feel better.  I am going to try to hit the pool after work, but only having 5 hours of sleep last night I might change my mind by the time 4:30 pm comes around and I get off work. 

I have lost the excitement for the triathlon, it is doom now.  I still have 16 days though, so maybe if I eat better and exercise more that excitement will return, right now it looks bleak.

Time to tackle this day.