Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I think I may have found the secret to success with my workouts.  This morning started as most mornings do with boot camp. I got up and I made it there still half asleep.  I made it through the workout only to find myself RAVENOUS again.   But, what I did differently is I went to work and drank a whole bottle of water before I ate breakfast.  I feel satisfied.  I am not starving!  I think my body has been craving water and better nutrition.  I am an athlete now, or training to be one.... I need to hydrate and eat better.  My dinner last night? Popcorn.  See? I told you... I know what I need to be doing to be successful.  Now to put it into my daily life. 

After work I am meeting Juliana to go for a swim together.  Thursday after work I think I may be meeting her for a run too. I love having someone to exercise with me!

I just checked the swimming schedule at the place I like to go to, they have private swim lessons all month at the time I usually swim!!! UGHHH  So now I have to adapt.  I will meet Juliana at a different pool so no worries about that, but when I go alone I don't like to go out of my way to that pool.  I guess I will have to re-plan my swim time.  I can swim first and then run and that would fix  any scheduling conflicts.  I just love love love how that pool feels AFTER a run.  Oh well! This is life.

I feel so good after a work out, I should do this much more often.  Now to face the day.  It is Hump Day so Happy Humping! :)

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