Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rockin' It

I totally rocked this day!

I tackled the beast! The same route that I fell on, the same route that always makes me think I am insane for doing it, I DID IT AGAIN!  It wasn't record speeds but I DID IT!!!  It was 100 degrees out when I did too, so I am super proud of this!  Here are my Stats

This is after the run I feel good!

After the run, I went to the indoor pool to practice swimming laps...Luckily for me I had the pool all to myself!  I swam 400 meters which is 8 laps of an Olympic size pool....I was super slow but that is the distance to swim in the triathlon so I know I can do it!
Here is the old faithful bag that I carry for running/swimming and my new kick board

Here is the geeky girl with a swim cap on.. lol I look hideous!

The pool all to myself!

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