Monday, July 2, 2012


That is the word of the day... it is how I am feeling! I have learned a lesson I  need to eat something even if simple before Boot Camp workout. Because after it I am damn close to eating my own first born. 

It was a good workout.  Met some new people.  I look forward to the next work on Thursday after the Holiday.

Speaking of Holiday, what do you have planned for Independence Day?  We will be doing nothing probably but enjoying the day at home.  Might find something to get into but no definite plans.  We are only off on the one day so hard to plan anything.

The weekend though, that is a different story. My man and I are going camping.  We are camping at Oak Mountain State Park and fishing with my Daddy! :) I think it will be a marvelous weekend and right about now on a Monday morning I am looking forward to it!

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