Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Party on!

Ok, so I said I was going to slack on my adult beverages as they seem to be a complete waste of calories and I am trying to successfully LOSE weight not GAIN it. 

I am sitting here debating that thought process with 4th of July being tomorrow.  My children will be gone (that feels so weird because they are teenagers and it really doesn't matter if they are home or not, but either way they will not be home) to their dads.  Thomas and I will be home alone, and we have no major plans.  Maybe we will get our bikes out and bike over to Point Mallard to catch the fireworks at some point, but other than that I have no idea what we will do, grill something out for us?  I am thinking though how much I would LOVE to have a margarita or maybe even a beer in the hot sun even though I don't really like beer, I do enjoy it if sitting out in the hot sun.

I am trying to figure out the perfect solution to be able to have my indulgence and get my BUZZ on, without having to pack on the calories.  I have it!

These things are wonderful!!! They are not the BEST margaritas but for 10 calories per glass (just for the mix) they are DAMN GOOD!  Then you add the alcohol for about 100 calories BAM! You have a margarita for 110 calories per serving.  NOW! The hard part is limiting my servings. I have been known to drink 4-6 or more in one evening. Plus I eat the limes... ohhhhhhh I love a lot of limes with my margarita as well as salt...YUM!!!

Also I have had this Beer in the heat after The Music Moves Me Run and it was delish right after that race...Miller 64  I may try to get some of these to put on some ice while we sit out at the campsite next weekend.

I don't know what I was thinking trying to go without my alcohol all together, these alternatives are going to make me happy! :)

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