Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Furry Babies

I love this little guy, his name is Reuben and he is the BEST dog in the world.  He greets me with such love when I come home and anytime I need a hug he gives it to me! I can not possibly describe his companionship because it is almost as though he is human.  I kid around with the family all the time argueing that he is a HUMAN DOG.  He has feelings, and expresses them so vividly. I know when he is hurt, sad, lonely, happy, and I know how much he loves me.  It is unconditional love and he expresses it so wonderfully.  I never knew a pet could be so perfect until him.  I just never understood why folks would be so crazy about their dogs lol until Reuben.  He truly is a remarkable character.  I hope he lives forever (cause some dogs do that right?) because I hate to even think of the possibility of my life without him.


This is crazy Cooper.  I love him too, he is new to the family but finally adjusting to his new home.   He is crazy, I mean probably the craziest dog I have ever seen, lol but he is a lot of fun too. He is showing love and affection to us now too, I think he likes his new home.

This is Trixie.  I love her so very much but can't say she loves me back. lol She finicky.  She only wants to be near you when she wants to be near you, she takes care of herself mostly and just wants some food and water periodically.  She lives outside and sometimes enjoys an evening inside, it is really whatever she wants because she RULES.

Thomas and I were being lazy in the bed, and he turned his head, we both cracked up at how Reuben was making sure his presense was known.  He has to be a part of us, no matter what we are doing, he just HAS TO!

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