Friday, July 20, 2012

I am my own worst enemy

I am so ready for this week to be over!!! I made it through Boot camp.  I have one week and one day left.  I will miss it when it ends.  I will not miss waking up at 4:30 in the morning though, I will not miss that at all.  If I ever do this again I may sign up for an evening class, just because the mornings SUCK!!! lol I do love the class though.  I feel so good when I leave the workouts. I know I sweated enough that I could mop the floor literally, even though that would be really gross.  I know that I don't have to worry much about exercise because I probably burned 300+ calories in that hour.  My body feels relaxed.  It is like my body is happy that I am taking time for it, I know that sounds weird but days I exercise my body feels better than days I don't. I swear!!  Another plus about today's boot camp.  It was a lighter day. We did Yoga.  I LOVE YOGA! I never thought I would say that because I have always hated the videos I have tried to do of Yoga seem so friggin' hard to follow and do just right.  Yoga this morning in a class like environment.  It is refreshing. Still hard lol but FUN! I need to do more Yoga. I have read articles about Yoga for runners and just usually skip them because I have disliked that particular exercise.  I think I should reconsider now.

I have got to eat better!!! I was super good yesterday. Healthy salad for lunch, healthy salad for dinner (I mean healthy no cheese, or high calorie junk on them), really good for me!
Then blew all that healthiness by sitting in bed eating half a box of cheezits and some fig bars. Seriously! I wasn't even hungry.  They were there, they were handy and  I almost mindlessly snacked on these. Like I said almost?  I knew I shouldn't but thought it wouldn't hurt to have a few because I was soooo good! So it really wasn't mindless was it? hmm.   I added up the calories.....
I. Am. Stupid!!!!

On another note! I finally got my magazine I ordered two months ago! :) Yay me!

Do you think it is a sign that my very first magazine mentions a half marathon? Should I be considering this? HaHa

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