Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally Friday!

Friday is my favorite day!  I still have to work, but I get to work knowing that I don't have to work tomorrow!  That makes me feel awesome.

I have woke up before 5am every 4 days this week, that is a record for me. I am still not a morning person lol maybe in the next few weeks I will be?  lol I just don't know.  I am going to sleep in a bit tomorrow but plan on getting up by 8 am to go for a run I need to log some miles I haven't ran this week.  I mean I swam, and did boot camp but I haven't ran.  I am planning on loggin 6.2 miles tomorrow morning.  That would be a 10K and I think I am capable of that.  We will see.  Sunday I am planning on a bike ride of atleast 10 miles because I also haven't been on my bike.  I have exercised a different way all week though.  Boot camp has me doing exercises I always knew I needed to do but HATE to do.  I can not stand a push up or a crunch.  I mean my upper body is not strong at all, and abs? Do I even really have those under my fluff?  I dunno, but it feels good.  I can feel how doing these things can and will make me stronger.  I just have to do them.  I think when I am done with boot camp I am going to continue this kind of workout and make sure I keep it in the mix with the running/swimming/biking.  I do know that my body may disagree with me on this one because my triceps are all but screaming at me "NOOOO!".

I think the exercise I am doing is making the stressors in my life more manageable.  I mean I can tell that I feel relaxed after a work out.  I mean my muscles are all "OUCH!" but the over all body feels relaxed, rejuvinated... like I can conquer the world today.  I see so many benefits from early morning workouts.  I haven't felt like much exercise in the afternoon this week, which is when I usually do all of my exercise, but I didn't have to feel bad about it because I worked out in the morning.  I normally already forget about the mornining workouts (besides the sore muscles, haha), and feel like I am missing out on my work out... then I have to remind myself that I did an hour this morning! I cut myself a break then. 

This weekend I am delcaring a work weekend.  I have shelves in my bedroom that are full of stuff I haven't used or touched in probably a year, so I am going to get rid of everything I no longer need/use.  I am going to go through my clothes/shoes and do the same thing.  Our bedroom is split in half, his and hers.  I hope to have the hers side of it in amazing shape (just like she is getting, hehe).  I also need to clean the kitchen/living room deep down.  Then!!!! I am going to tackle the backyard. I did the front yard two weeks ago.  I feel much better pulling into the driveway.  Thomas said he was going to tackle the carport which needs to be cleaned and organized.  I am going to cut down weeds that have turned into baby trees in my mulch in the back yard (yes, that is how bad the back yard is out of hand).  I probably going to be making a canoe into a flower bed (if Thomas is still on board with this), and throwing away all old, broken, weather worn items that are in back.  I don't know what the weather holds this weekend, but this is my plan and I am hoping to get to stick to it.  The evening hours I will probably chill out and be lazy.  I have several running books I have purchased on my kindles several weeks ago that I haven't read and I really want to, so I may dive into some of those.  I also have several articles I want to read that I have saved on the internet that I haven't made time to read.  Soooo cleaning/organizing and reading... that is on my agenda.  Besides the normal bill paying and grocery shopping things that have to be done.

Runner's World magazine is ticking me off.... I ordered a subscription in June, and it appears I will not be getting July they don't have me for my first issue until August....I was waiting and looking because I got an email when I ordered that said your first issue is on its way... and no friggin' magazine.  I mean it has been 4 weeks since I ordered, why this is bothering me? I really have no idea.

I look back at the money I have spent on running and getting fit this year and I want to puke.  lol I have a nice fancy watch, nice fancy clothes, I entered 10 races total and two of them were very expensive.  I have paid for GOGA and Boot camp and now a magazines subscription.  If I wasn't all spent out... I would buy these cool headphones I found that are water proof and wireless, I would sign up for another 5K that is in 2 weeks that I thought about doing but can't warrant spending money on that when I have to get school supplies for two kids.  I would sign up for a the half marathon training group and the actual half marathon.  I would pay for more boot camp.... but, I am all spent out.  Good thing running and exercise is free!  hehe.  It really is and I may be at the bottom of my financial barrel for a few months while we recoop from our vacation but I can still exercise and train without it costing me anything! I love this, I can go on spendy frenzies or not and still be able to have fun enjoying the benefits of exercise. :)

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