Friday, July 13, 2012

Doctor Bubba

My brother is coming!!!! I love him so very much and I miss him and my neices something horrible!  I haven't made a trip to see him this year at all and I usually try to go at least once.  I may still try to go up to see him this fall sometime.

He is only coming for one day, so we have decided to spend the day at the Space and Rocket Center since it is a quick run through with his family.  This way we can have some fun together but still get to spend time together too.  I CAN NOT WAIT TO SQUEEZE THEM ALL!!!! 

That morning is going to be a bit crazy.  I am going to have to work, blah but that just means I get up and do early morning clinic, I am normally back home by 7 or 730 am.  There a triathlon right down the road from the house (Wet Dog Triathlon) that I was going to try to go and spectate so I can get an idea of a triathlon since I will be doing one in a few more weeks and I have never actually seen one! So I may try to get over there right after work and watch some of the participants work their ass off.  Then make sure I am home in time to get ready and meet them at the Space and Rocket Center... not even sure on that time yet.  But, I know that with all of that and me getting to squeeze my girls, it is going to be an abolutely marvelous day which is making me super excited!

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