Thursday, July 12, 2012

A day in the life of me

I met Juliana for a swim yesterday after work at the actual place we will be swimming in the TRI  (Natatorium).  That pool is HUGE!  I thought we were swimming 25 meters down and back 8 laps to equal 400 meters for the TRI.  She informs it is the other length of the pool... the wide length that stretches oh I don't know MILES!!!! I started to have a panic attack instantly!  She calmed me down, and fed me a bunch of encouragement (which helps a lot). Then we got busy swimming.  We swam 450 meters.  At 400 meters we realized it had took approx 30 minutes with us stopping after each 25 meters and discussing form and technique because she is helping this non-swimmer learn how to swim, many thanks to you Juliana!  We take away the talk time and I may just do this in the 20 minutes that I said I could do it in.  I just don't know.  I guess finishing is winning at this point. 

We then were going to try to transition into a run, but the bottom had fell slap out of the sky!  I mean it wasn't raining it was pouring! It slacked up slightly still raining, so we decided why not? And we headed out from the Natatorium to run because it wasn't thundering/lightning.  We started on the run and in just moments there isn't a dry stitch of clothing on us, I look over to her and say "we are bad ss now, right?" she agreed and we continued on the run.  Then, the thunder/lightning started and we tucked our scared tails and ran back to the vehicles. :) It was a long wet drive back home! But, I enjoyed the exercise having someone doing it with me is a hundred times better than doing it alone.  I like that I am capable of doing it alone because I can't always depend on others to get the job done ya know, but its much more fun with someone along it really didn't feel like exercise at all.  More like a girls evening out.

It was a rough evening after I got home, we had to go check Destiny's bug out again she said it was "jumping out of gear".... it seems to be fine and she has had so much trouble with this car but everytime Thomas or I get in it is fine.  I have decided to park the car and not let her drive it anymore. So we seriously need to sell this bug.  I think and he thinks there isn't a thing wrong with the car besides it is 1970 and needs a little more tender love and care, the motor, tires, brakes everything seem to be fine for that model of car.  She is upset with me because she might have to figure out more creative ways to get back and forth to work, like walking? It is about 1.5-2 miles.  That can be walked at a casual slow pace in 35-40 minutes.  It can be biked in 10 minutes. Her arguement is she can't go to work all nasty from the heat outside.  I sit here at my desk ready to work only moments after completing a boot camp.  I came in and used the bathroom with baby wipes and washed up, refreshed, put make up on and fixed hair.  Where there is the will there is a way, and unfortunetly for her it is time she needs to learn that.   I love my daughter more than I could possibly describe and I am super proud of her.  But, I also want her to get on track.  I have still asked her for days, weeks, and months to pick it up, do better than she has because she knows she is slacking.  There is no umph in her. And, rather she is in a funk or not, life keeps going so she is going to have to learn she makes the best of what she has.  Right now she has a job, she has a home to live in and a family that loves her so she is pretty darn blessed.  It is her Senior year in school and it is suppose to be enjoyable and fun and now she is stuck without a car.  She has made enough money this summer to buy a car, but I don't know what she has done with her money.  She has gave me $80 bucks to help me pay for her brother's basketball camp since I dind't have the money until I got paid.  I haven't paid her back yet, I think it is more because I pay insurance on her car, I pay for a cell phone that she has lost and doesn't care about anymore.  So I am kind a having a hard time paying that back to her, but I will once it isn't going to put me in a bind to do so because I said I would.  I do what I say I will do.  I just can't help but feel like she has wasted away her money, blown it and not once really said "thank you" for helping me with the car, "thank you" for paying for my insurance, "thank you" for paying for my cell phone all these years.  She looks as it like I owe these things to her.  So, cold hearted as it may be I told her I didn't want her to drive that bug anymore. She doesn't know how she is getting to work today.   She can't drive my car since I had to get a  new car and owe more than it is worth probably (after the accident she had), I will not take the chance of her having another accident in it.  I mean if I do then its my fault but if she does it is my fault too for allowing her the "priveledge" to drive it, so I opt to not let her. Also, I use it to get to work everyday.   Being 17 without a car sucks, but if you are timid and scared behind the wheel to drive a particular car then you shouldn't drive it.  I think it may be because she wants another car.... we know this. BTW I only bought the 1970 bug because she wanted one.  Anyway, I could go on and on... but you see what is on my mind alot.

After we got the bug home it is like 7:45 pm.  I had to shower, and put dry clothes on... YES I was still wet from the run while we were getting the bug, no need to dry off just yet.  After my shower we loaded back up and went to take some red box movies back, and to grab something to eat.  We thought about fast food because it was so late, but then decided we would stop in a little chinese buffet.  BIG MISTAKE.  We got in the joint and there was NO customers at 8:30 ish.  They didn't close until 10 pm sooooo I am thinking hmmm? This might be a good time for a buffet.  The lady seats us and asks for our drink order.... I said "water", Thomas said "sweat tea".  We proceed to look at the food bar. OMG it was nasty!!! Food had been sitting on the burners so long that it was baked to the pans, the soup was empty down to the bottom, everything looked so nasty, I look at Thomas, he looks at me we both have this impending doom on our face.  I am thinking is it too late to leave?  Then the waitress hollers across the empty restuarant to say "we no have sweat tea,  we no have sweat tea, what else you want?"  I used that as my out. I looked to Thomas and said "You want to go somewhere else? He immediately said "YES!".  So we told her never mind we were going to go somewhere else.  She was trying to smooth it over with us and I said "the food is old anyway, so we are going to just go somewhere else".  OMG I understand them not wanting to be wasteful with no customers there and it being a buffet type restuarant.  But, if business is that slow don't do a buffet? Buffet's are nasty anyway, all the people all the germs.... but one that is not visited enough is bad because the food sits out for GOD ONLY KNOWS how long.

We left there and just walked down the street to the nearest grocery store. We went in an picked up stuff to make spaghetti at home.  Then, I had to get gas.  Then, I had to pick up Destiny from work.  Finally we made it home, Thomas cooked the spaghetti (thankfully). While I washed my work out clothes and clothes that I needed to wear to work.  Then I did the dishes, cleaned up after the pets a bit, and we were finally able to sit and relax.  I didn't get in the bed until almost 11 pm, but I dozed on the couch about 30 minutes before I went on to the bedroom.  But, if you remember my post from yesterday... this was not a good thing!  I got up this morning for boot camp like a good lil' camper.  But, it wasn't easy.  Not easy at all!

Now lets hope today is less eventful.

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