Sunday, July 8, 2012


We made it on our first camping trip of 2012.  We have normally already been on one or two trips but my addiction to signing up for 5K races has prohibited us from going as much.

We chose to go near my Daddy's at Oak Mountain State Park (what you don't call your Dad, Daddy? believe it or not I still do!)   We had a nice site, the bathrooms were manageable, it wasn't too hard to get the campsite up and back down so all in all it was a nice successful trip.

We planned on going on a fishing trip with my Daddy and we did just that, the only downfall is the rain that fell and kinda of rained on my parade for a bit, but it quit eventually.  We also barely caught any fish, so we didn't get to have a fish fry like we had wanted.

We did go out for Mexican though... and again we had a good trip all together. :)

Here are some photos:
Here is my Daddy!

Here is the start of the rain

I am getting soaked

I am not happy about the rain

My Daddy's face says it all, it has STOPPED RAINING!!

Ok, now I am happy

I caught a stick

I caught this lil' guy and it is the only fish I caught!  Yes my Daddy had to take it off the hook for me!

I decided to lay down and take a nap on the boat

Me and My daddy

Pretty Flowers

Thomas putting lime in his Corona

Here is a photo of our camping site.

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