Monday, June 11, 2012

Panama City Beach Trip

Thankfully we were blessed with a safe trip.   I love the beach and if I could I would probably live there.  It rained on us a lot but we still managed to have fun in the sun.  Here is a re-cap in photos:
This is the first view I had of the beach.  We stopped along side the road at a public access just to get our feet in the sand!

Me and my babies after the drive, excited to be there.

All of our toes in the sand

Look at the size of those waves!

Doing what Mom's do

Me and my man! I love him and his mug shot face! :)  This is at Sharky's the beginning of my never ending drinks haha

Destiny got me and her both Henna Tattoos

I made it out for a run 4.5 miles

We all enjoyed a bit of boogie boarding... those waves were killer

Relaxing on the beach!

Go carts!

My entourage! lol Playing putt putt golf

I loved the Dolphins at Gulf world.  This was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.  We saw dolphins, sea  lion, birds, talented dog, reptiles, and even ended with a magic show!  It was truly money well spent there!!! I loved it!

This lil' guy is amazing!!! Duke, the sea lion was awesome!

Yep I boogie boarded too... and I am still fat but look at me posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit... lol that never happens!

We had dunkin donuts back at the condo! :)

We went on a bus ride to get to the boat that took us to shell Island.  Another part of our adventure that I truly enjoyed!!!
My pretty girl

The boat

 The start of shell Island.  My man is sexy!

My kiddos playing on rocks

I loved the water crashing on the rocks

He is so awesome to lug my bag around and not even care that it is pink, hehe

I found a sand dollar!!!!!  Along with many other beautiful shells

I just loved this place!

St Andrews park was absolutely gorgeous!!!

We happened upon this lil' guy

Yep I am that close to the lil' guy who could hurt me really bad and You might not can tell it, but I am a bit freaked out haha

X marks the spot on our trail

At Pineapple Willy's, the photo is ironic because there is a huge storm rolling in and people are scattering the beach... and this sign says Wish you where here... I honestly do wish I was there!

My man at Pineapple Willy's

My rib bucket and drink, yum

Just monkeying around

We spent an afternoon walking around peir park and shopping

A photo taken from the pier at peir park

Destiny I rode the wild thing... whew!

Thomas and Desmond took a ride on the long track

We hunted for crabs on the beach but all we found was this thing!

I have an amazing family and I loved my vacation with them.  I wish all of life was a vacation because since we have been home its been nothing but work work work.    I am so thankful and blessed to have got to spend this time with the ones I love the most! :)

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  1. You will find boogie boarding really fun especially when the ocean is as beautiful as this one. The wave is wonderful to look at. Hehe! Anyhow, I might get to visit this place one day. Not only you will see a splendid beach, but you can also find a marine park and amusement park there. It looks fun and exciting!