Saturday, June 30, 2012


WOW! My baby girl is 17.  Last night I was sitting here in my living room feeling pretty exhausted after waking at 4 am to go to work and thinking of all the ladies going out with their girlfriends to see Magic Mike.  I thought to myself why don't Destiny and I go see it.  After all she is 17 years old.  Then I thought... ummm I am tired.  Then I thought, ohhhh I am not THAT tired.  Let's do it! She was thrilled with the idea, and that make me happy that my girl wants to go do something with me!  It amazes me how time flies and how I am considering going to watch a very "grown up" movie with my baby.  It just seems unreal that my child is old enough to go with me to see this movie, I mean she could go by herself now... she is that old! ACK!

WE HAD A BLAST!!!  I knew the movie would be HOT! But it was smoking!!  I swear Matthew and Channing (after last night I feel we should be on first name basis), they were everything I expected and more. I expected piss poor acting and a story line that would be hideous.  I got that and so much more!  These guys were sizzling (like how I went from Hot to smoking to sizzling there? haha).  Definitely a ladies movie, I sort of felt sorry for the guys that dragged in their by there by their ladies and the one drunk guy that came by himself and sat next to Destiny who I think mistakenly came to the wrong movie and left half way through the flick.  I will own this movie when it comes out and I will put it right up there next to Dirty Dancing... because I love that movie for many reasons, but it was mainly for Patrick's hot body (yes first name basis there too, may he RIP).

I was singing "moves like Tatum" on the way home.... That boy is sinful with his moves... my my my ;)

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