Saturday, June 30, 2012

6 Months of 2012 are gone?

Seriously?  They are gone already?

I said that I was going to do these things this year
1) Wake up at 5:45 am on my non-clinic days. Basically to exercise. 

2)  Certifications:  I hope to get one if not two certifications this year.  Windows 7 and Security +.  

3) 5K:  I have yet to do a 5K and I want to get in shape and sign up for one. 

4) Food: Watch my portion control, drink less soda, and try to think before I eat.

5) Cussing:  Stop with the F Bombs and possible some other cussing I do mindlessly. 

Where am I at with this? It is pretty much a joke now.

1) I never wake up early!!!  I try and set the alarm and just re-set it when I get up to pee because I don't want to get up that early! I hate it!  I complain every week with my early clinic days because I HATE TO GET UP THAT EARLY!!! Now, I am starting boot camp on Monday which will make me get up early and maybe this will set some sort of new habit in me? A girl can dream.  It's still 2012, so maybe I can accomplish this.

2) I haven't even touched one of those books to study! Not one!  Part of me feels like I am too old to make such a big career move anyway, part of me really wants to accomplish something this drastic.  Part of me just wants change of some sort!  This is still a debate in my head and I have no idea who is winning.

3) I DID THIS!!! I did A LOT OF THIS!!! I have completed 8 different 5k races this year as well as a 2 mile race and Duathlon.  

4) I eat horribly! I drink too much alcohol, or have been recently trying to get a handle on it (Not alcoholic levels, just high caloric levels).  I do not drink much soda... so I have done very well on the soda.  I maybe have one or two glasses of soda a week and it is diet when I drink it.  I drink a lot of Diet Sweet Tea and water.  I have not been doing well at the thinking before I eat. I hope to do better the second half of the year.

5) The F bombs are not as bad, but the cussing... I must have been a sailor in another life. 

Well let's see what the rest of 2012 holds hopefully it will be amazing.  I am down 22 lbs this year... I was down 26 lbs but after my fall and vacation it just isn't that pretty. I hope to be another 22 or 26 lbs down by the end of this year... I think I can do it. 

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