Saturday, June 30, 2012


I went to my first Planetarium tonight, it was a unique date night with my man! We just were looking for something different and thought why not go there? We both enjoyed it a lot.

After the Planetarium we went to eat at Dreamland, because it sounded yummy to both of us, it didn't let us down.

Got home only to find Destiny home (she got off work early) and no car, she broke down on her way home from work.  Good thing is we went to check on the car and get it home and it was only out of gas, the second time in a week she has ran it out of gas? Maybe something wrong with the car or the driver... lol I am still trying to figure that one out.  BTW I have a VW Bug 1970 for sale if anyone is interested.

Update on my failure status of the day: Yep I failed!  I cleaned most of the day, got all the of the laundry done and major cleaning done to the house which was a successful thing that I was suppose to get done. I did not get my vehicle cleaned up like I wanted. I did not exercise like I had planned. This is my 3rd day in a row not to exercise. I really really really need something to KICK ME and MAKE me get back at it!  I am going to try again tomorrow to burn some mucho calories.

I did get something I had been looking for in the mail today, My Shawn T's Rockin' Body dvd's that I ordered from Groupon for $20.  I now have ANOTHER video that I can be doing... if only I will do it!

Failure I am... not?

I did not exercise last night, I did not exercise this morning...I feel like a huge failure but just because I didn't do it when I thought I would doesn't mean I will not do it at all does it?  I still have time! Thankfully I have a treadmill in my air conditioned home, so I don't have to worry about the horrific temperatures reaching 106 degrees today.  I can exercise, but I think I will do so after I accomplish all the other crap that needs to be done.

Now it is time for the dreaded house work, I think I have put it off as long as it can possibly stand it.  It really needs some TLC.  I am saying every single room in this house wants to talk about neglect.

Then, I have to clean my vehicle, sad to say but it hasn't been washed since before the beach trip... it is filthy and the fact that it is white shows ever bit of that filth too.  The inside still has sand, wrappers, Lord only knows what I will find when I get out there.  Not just that but getting out there at all in this temperature will surely be an accomplishment and not a failure, let's see if I make it.

Menu and grocery shopping needs to be done, blah blah blah I don't know sometimes I do this well sometimes I don't.  When I don't I do not lose a single pound, I spend entirely too much money eating out so it is much better to do these things... I just don't like to do them. Will I or will I not?

I need to get my gear together for BOOT CAMP! Yes, that is right... I start my first day of Adventure Boot Camp in Madison on Monday.  I am nervous and excited about this, but doing this is not being a failure!  I hope this gives me some of the extra motivation I have been needing lately.

Seems like I need to be doing stuff other than sitting here typing, huh? Blah

6 Months of 2012 are gone?

Seriously?  They are gone already?

I said that I was going to do these things this year
1) Wake up at 5:45 am on my non-clinic days. Basically to exercise. 

2)  Certifications:  I hope to get one if not two certifications this year.  Windows 7 and Security +.  

3) 5K:  I have yet to do a 5K and I want to get in shape and sign up for one. 

4) Food: Watch my portion control, drink less soda, and try to think before I eat.

5) Cussing:  Stop with the F Bombs and possible some other cussing I do mindlessly. 

Where am I at with this? It is pretty much a joke now.

1) I never wake up early!!!  I try and set the alarm and just re-set it when I get up to pee because I don't want to get up that early! I hate it!  I complain every week with my early clinic days because I HATE TO GET UP THAT EARLY!!! Now, I am starting boot camp on Monday which will make me get up early and maybe this will set some sort of new habit in me? A girl can dream.  It's still 2012, so maybe I can accomplish this.

2) I haven't even touched one of those books to study! Not one!  Part of me feels like I am too old to make such a big career move anyway, part of me really wants to accomplish something this drastic.  Part of me just wants change of some sort!  This is still a debate in my head and I have no idea who is winning.

3) I DID THIS!!! I did A LOT OF THIS!!! I have completed 8 different 5k races this year as well as a 2 mile race and Duathlon.  

4) I eat horribly! I drink too much alcohol, or have been recently trying to get a handle on it (Not alcoholic levels, just high caloric levels).  I do not drink much soda... so I have done very well on the soda.  I maybe have one or two glasses of soda a week and it is diet when I drink it.  I drink a lot of Diet Sweet Tea and water.  I have not been doing well at the thinking before I eat. I hope to do better the second half of the year.

5) The F bombs are not as bad, but the cussing... I must have been a sailor in another life. 

Well let's see what the rest of 2012 holds hopefully it will be amazing.  I am down 22 lbs this year... I was down 26 lbs but after my fall and vacation it just isn't that pretty. I hope to be another 22 or 26 lbs down by the end of this year... I think I can do it. 


WOW! My baby girl is 17.  Last night I was sitting here in my living room feeling pretty exhausted after waking at 4 am to go to work and thinking of all the ladies going out with their girlfriends to see Magic Mike.  I thought to myself why don't Destiny and I go see it.  After all she is 17 years old.  Then I thought... ummm I am tired.  Then I thought, ohhhh I am not THAT tired.  Let's do it! She was thrilled with the idea, and that make me happy that my girl wants to go do something with me!  It amazes me how time flies and how I am considering going to watch a very "grown up" movie with my baby.  It just seems unreal that my child is old enough to go with me to see this movie, I mean she could go by herself now... she is that old! ACK!

WE HAD A BLAST!!!  I knew the movie would be HOT! But it was smoking!!  I swear Matthew and Channing (after last night I feel we should be on first name basis), they were everything I expected and more. I expected piss poor acting and a story line that would be hideous.  I got that and so much more!  These guys were sizzling (like how I went from Hot to smoking to sizzling there? haha).  Definitely a ladies movie, I sort of felt sorry for the guys that dragged in their by there by their ladies and the one drunk guy that came by himself and sat next to Destiny who I think mistakenly came to the wrong movie and left half way through the flick.  I will own this movie when it comes out and I will put it right up there next to Dirty Dancing... because I love that movie for many reasons, but it was mainly for Patrick's hot body (yes first name basis there too, may he RIP).

I was singing "moves like Tatum" on the way home.... That boy is sinful with his moves... my my my ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


I never win anything!  But, I won tickets from our Valley Planet to go see the Pro Bull Riders.  There weren't many folks there and the Bulls well they dominated the arena, but it was fun and enjoyable to get to do that or well most anything for free! :)

Here is my man on our way

Here I am

Here is the arena, sorry all other photos were too blurry! lol

Monday, June 11, 2012

Panama City Beach Trip

Thankfully we were blessed with a safe trip.   I love the beach and if I could I would probably live there.  It rained on us a lot but we still managed to have fun in the sun.  Here is a re-cap in photos:
This is the first view I had of the beach.  We stopped along side the road at a public access just to get our feet in the sand!

Me and my babies after the drive, excited to be there.

All of our toes in the sand

Look at the size of those waves!

Doing what Mom's do

Me and my man! I love him and his mug shot face! :)  This is at Sharky's the beginning of my never ending drinks haha

Destiny got me and her both Henna Tattoos

I made it out for a run 4.5 miles

We all enjoyed a bit of boogie boarding... those waves were killer

Relaxing on the beach!

Go carts!

My entourage! lol Playing putt putt golf

I loved the Dolphins at Gulf world.  This was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.  We saw dolphins, sea  lion, birds, talented dog, reptiles, and even ended with a magic show!  It was truly money well spent there!!! I loved it!

This lil' guy is amazing!!! Duke, the sea lion was awesome!

Yep I boogie boarded too... and I am still fat but look at me posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit... lol that never happens!

We had dunkin donuts back at the condo! :)

We went on a bus ride to get to the boat that took us to shell Island.  Another part of our adventure that I truly enjoyed!!!
My pretty girl

The boat

 The start of shell Island.  My man is sexy!

My kiddos playing on rocks

I loved the water crashing on the rocks

He is so awesome to lug my bag around and not even care that it is pink, hehe

I found a sand dollar!!!!!  Along with many other beautiful shells

I just loved this place!

St Andrews park was absolutely gorgeous!!!

We happened upon this lil' guy

Yep I am that close to the lil' guy who could hurt me really bad and You might not can tell it, but I am a bit freaked out haha

X marks the spot on our trail

At Pineapple Willy's, the photo is ironic because there is a huge storm rolling in and people are scattering the beach... and this sign says Wish you where here... I honestly do wish I was there!

My man at Pineapple Willy's

My rib bucket and drink, yum

Just monkeying around

We spent an afternoon walking around peir park and shopping

A photo taken from the pier at peir park

Destiny I rode the wild thing... whew!

Thomas and Desmond took a ride on the long track

We hunted for crabs on the beach but all we found was this thing!

I have an amazing family and I loved my vacation with them.  I wish all of life was a vacation because since we have been home its been nothing but work work work.    I am so thankful and blessed to have got to spend this time with the ones I love the most! :)