Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ticks! ACK!

I went on a lovely but brief hike through the woods with my man.  We didn't arrive to the trailhead until almost 4pm so we knew it would be a brief trail, but it was time together and something that sounded like some fun since we hadn't adventured out in a while.  You know what? It was fun! We burned calories and went on the first one of many hikes that the Land Trust of North Alabama have on their site.  It was lovely besides a few downers.  That really had nothing to do with the actual hike.  On a good note, we didn't see a single snake!!! (unlike our last hiking adventure in Bankhead) The downside, I got a call that Destiny had broke down in the bug... so we had to face that when we got out of the woods and today I have found 3 ticks on me.  Thomas is gone playing golf and when he gets home I know he will take care of them for me... but until then... I AM FREAKING OUT! They hurt (lol even though I can't feel them), its mental!  I want them off of me!  I can't pull them off because they are on the back side of my legs where I can not see if I get the legs off.  I am just stuck waiting and watching them literally suck the blood from my body haha... yes I am freaking out!!!  So, my advise to you is put on bug spray before going into the woods (the good stuff that keep ticks off of you!) and cover your legs/arms with proper clothing... also check yourself and your clothing when you first get home.  Lesson learned.... again.  Yes, this is not my first rodeo, when will I ever learn!

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