Sunday, May 6, 2012


I need to be held accountable for the calories I eat and the calories I burn.  I was using regularly and keeping up with that but I have since slacked, and so has my weight loss.  I am going to start using it daily and every night before going to bed I am going to post on here how many calories I took in and how many I burned and on Saturday evenings I am going to post my weekly totals along with my weight.  I am doing this because despite my exercise lately my scale said 166 lbs, which is going in the wrong direction.  I was 164 lbs and even hit 162 lbs once.   I tend to step on the scales every day and I should probably do it weekly, and with my beach trip coming up in June and my triathlon in August, I really have some big goals to hit.

 I need to post my calories here because maybe someone will be reading this and they will notice if I am slacking and remind me to stick with my goals... or maybe just knowing that if I eat 3000 calories in a day I will be humiliated having to post that to my blog.  I figure its worth a shot.  I don't blog daily and I would like to, so this might make two things happen for me.  (PS I will not create a post just for my calorie count, but will add it to the end of whatever post I had that day).

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