Sunday, May 6, 2012

36 years

Well, I have been around for 36 years now.  Thomas got me 3 outfits to run/exercise in (and we all know those cost a small fortune), he also got me a special towel and nose plug for my swimming practices.  Cathy got me a gift card for $75 dollars to a sporting good store (they all know where my passion is right now), I spent it on another outfit, bra, socks and sunglasses.  I had a very good Birthday.  I had tons of well wishes from my friends on facebook, my dad called/text and sent me a card, my brother called and my mother called.  Nice to know folks remember your special day even after 36 of them.   

I got up on Saturday (the day after my birthday) and I went in to work for a few hours, then headed over to run a 5k (Run through the Roses).  That hill we all refer to as "The Eastview Beast" was very hard.  I didn't have my best time here is a copy of my results.

7 Tonya West               144   72  36   41:10 13:17 Decatur AL  

That's 7th in my age group out of 12 and 144th overall, and 72nd out of all the females who entered.  41:10 is not my best time, but with that Eastview Beast I am very proud of my accomplishment! :)  I ran with a new friend from my NOBO program Shelsey, and her two more experiences runner friends.... they rocked my socks off!  Their encouragement out there helped me have the time that I did have.  I wanted to slow down but due to their kind words and motivation I finished a very difficult 5K in a time that I am ok with, instead of beating myself up for finishing it too slow.  So! I hope to run with those ladies more because it was fun!

I also got to spend time with Jill on this run, we didn't run together but we had met up before and after...

So, Saturday was a productive morning. Then, grocery shopping and laying out in the sun and enjoying some yummy (low cal) margaritas to complete my day.

Today, I have gotten a good bit of house chores done, but still have a crap ton more to do.  Then Destiny's Spring Choral Concert is the afternoon and Desmond needs cleats, haircut... dogs need baths, haircuts... lol it never ends!!!  Tomorrow is back to work, ughhhh.

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