Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ticks! ACK!

I went on a lovely but brief hike through the woods with my man.  We didn't arrive to the trailhead until almost 4pm so we knew it would be a brief trail, but it was time together and something that sounded like some fun since we hadn't adventured out in a while.  You know what? It was fun! We burned calories and went on the first one of many hikes that the Land Trust of North Alabama have on their site.  It was lovely besides a few downers.  That really had nothing to do with the actual hike.  On a good note, we didn't see a single snake!!! (unlike our last hiking adventure in Bankhead) The downside, I got a call that Destiny had broke down in the bug... so we had to face that when we got out of the woods and today I have found 3 ticks on me.  Thomas is gone playing golf and when he gets home I know he will take care of them for me... but until then... I AM FREAKING OUT! They hurt (lol even though I can't feel them), its mental!  I want them off of me!  I can't pull them off because they are on the back side of my legs where I can not see if I get the legs off.  I am just stuck waiting and watching them literally suck the blood from my body haha... yes I am freaking out!!!  So, my advise to you is put on bug spray before going into the woods (the good stuff that keep ticks off of you!) and cover your legs/arms with proper clothing... also check yourself and your clothing when you first get home.  Lesson learned.... again.  Yes, this is not my first rodeo, when will I ever learn!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pet Grooming

I now have two long haired fury children.  I called to find out how much to get them groomed and I am looking at 50 bucks a piece.  That is 100 dollars every 6 weeks (if they can go that long).  So, I find it much more reasonable to do it myself.  Now it does take me 3 hours or more to do both dogs.  I do hack them up pretty bad, you can tell it isn't professional, but the hair gets cut.  I have gotten good a the ears/faces so they look fine other than the body/feet being uneven and having bald spots, haha, what? I said they look fine.  The one thing I can't bring myself to do is clipping the nails.  I think they charge $10 to do that so I may simply pay the $20 every 6 weeks to get their nails trimmed.

I will say that these dogs are very well behaved for the grooming sessions. They just let me do what I want to for at least 1.5-2 hours without any trouble, for this I am thankful.

Do any of you groom your own pets? How long did it take you to get "good" at it?

Mother's Day

Well, I must be a big fat failure as a Mother.  I have two gorgeous children who are brilliant and healthy and I am very thankful for them, but neither of them seem to care enough about me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It is noon on this Mother's Day, I have taken my 17 year old daughter to work this morning and she never once mentioned it was Mother's day, and my 13 year old son is at his dads and will not be home until this evening but he hasn't bothered to pick up the phone to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. This wouldn't bother me so much because they are teenagers and I know how it is, but it bothers me horribly because it is not the first time this has happened, and come Father's day both of them jump to call their dads.  They live with me and I know they feel they can tell me Happy Mother's Day anytime because they will see me later,  I mean I am around them all the time. I feed them, buy their clothes, pay for their activities, teach them right from wrong and have felt that I have done a decent job with them until recently when they seem to have lost all respect for me and can't even acknowledge me on my special day.  I am sure this evening I will get a hug and a Happy Mother's Day wish from them both, but I guess its the feeling that I am the least of their priorities in their life when they have always been the most of mine.   I have heard all my life how rough teenagers are, but this last year I have felt the pain that the teenagers can bring a mother deeper than I could have ever imagined.  My heart is hurting because I feel that  my kids feel I have failed them and the sad thing is I can't go back for a re-do so where ever my failure has happened is done and I guess I have to live with it.  Hopefully when they get older and wiser they will realize the love I have for them and the pain and sacrifice that I have had to do the best by them that I knew how.  I started my journey as a mother at the wee age of 19.  Actually I turned 19 just 3 days before I had my beautiful little girl.  That beautiful girl is now 17 years old.  Only 2 years younger than I was when I had her. Maybe that's the problem. I devoted my younger years to them and now that they are older and more self sufficient I make them tend to their selves more and I am actually living my life for me.  I am exercising and taking care of me first, maybe they feel neglected by me now?  I don't know.  I am here every day for these children. I jump and do what they ask, or need me to do and I just don't feel the love in return.  It is kind of sad when I feel my Reuben loves me more than my own children do.  I am sure it's a phase, I am sure it will pass, I know what everyone always says, but I also know that no matter all of that, this hurts pretty hard right now.  I miss my babies so very much, their smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses.  It's all not the same and today I am feeling how grown up they are and how much they are running off and leaving me with their own life journeys and it pretty much sucks.

UPDATE: I am an idiot, it is now 5:30 pm and my daughter as soon as she got off work took me out to a wonderful dinner for my Mother's Day! That made my day!  She does love me!  My son on the other hand hasn't even contacted me at all. :(  I am a blessed lady though and I know they are children.  I am happy to be their mother.

UPDATE: My son came home at 6:50 right after a Tornado Warning just ended, with a beautiful Mother's Day card.

My babies are home safe and sound! I am happy

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I need to be held accountable for the calories I eat and the calories I burn.  I was using regularly and keeping up with that but I have since slacked, and so has my weight loss.  I am going to start using it daily and every night before going to bed I am going to post on here how many calories I took in and how many I burned and on Saturday evenings I am going to post my weekly totals along with my weight.  I am doing this because despite my exercise lately my scale said 166 lbs, which is going in the wrong direction.  I was 164 lbs and even hit 162 lbs once.   I tend to step on the scales every day and I should probably do it weekly, and with my beach trip coming up in June and my triathlon in August, I really have some big goals to hit.

 I need to post my calories here because maybe someone will be reading this and they will notice if I am slacking and remind me to stick with my goals... or maybe just knowing that if I eat 3000 calories in a day I will be humiliated having to post that to my blog.  I figure its worth a shot.  I don't blog daily and I would like to, so this might make two things happen for me.  (PS I will not create a post just for my calorie count, but will add it to the end of whatever post I had that day).

36 years

Well, I have been around for 36 years now.  Thomas got me 3 outfits to run/exercise in (and we all know those cost a small fortune), he also got me a special towel and nose plug for my swimming practices.  Cathy got me a gift card for $75 dollars to a sporting good store (they all know where my passion is right now), I spent it on another outfit, bra, socks and sunglasses.  I had a very good Birthday.  I had tons of well wishes from my friends on facebook, my dad called/text and sent me a card, my brother called and my mother called.  Nice to know folks remember your special day even after 36 of them.   

I got up on Saturday (the day after my birthday) and I went in to work for a few hours, then headed over to run a 5k (Run through the Roses).  That hill we all refer to as "The Eastview Beast" was very hard.  I didn't have my best time here is a copy of my results.

7 Tonya West               144   72  36   41:10 13:17 Decatur AL  

That's 7th in my age group out of 12 and 144th overall, and 72nd out of all the females who entered.  41:10 is not my best time, but with that Eastview Beast I am very proud of my accomplishment! :)  I ran with a new friend from my NOBO program Shelsey, and her two more experiences runner friends.... they rocked my socks off!  Their encouragement out there helped me have the time that I did have.  I wanted to slow down but due to their kind words and motivation I finished a very difficult 5K in a time that I am ok with, instead of beating myself up for finishing it too slow.  So! I hope to run with those ladies more because it was fun!

I also got to spend time with Jill on this run, we didn't run together but we had met up before and after...

So, Saturday was a productive morning. Then, grocery shopping and laying out in the sun and enjoying some yummy (low cal) margaritas to complete my day.

Today, I have gotten a good bit of house chores done, but still have a crap ton more to do.  Then Destiny's Spring Choral Concert is the afternoon and Desmond needs cleats, haircut... dogs need baths, haircuts... lol it never ends!!!  Tomorrow is back to work, ughhhh.